Beacon Energy the best Solar Company in Peshawar

Areeba Khalil Published on June 14, 2024

Out of the many solar companies in Pakistan, only a few have a truly national presence that stretches beyond the metropolitan cities of Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. One of these few solar energy companies is Beacon Energy, one of the truly best solar companies in Pakistan, leaving their mark on the solar skyline of the country with exceptional products and equally unparalleled services. With their recent entry in Peshawar, the company is now making considerable headway in the northern region of Pakistan, which, given its explosive growth in demand for energy, holds a particular potential that entices solar companies across Pakistan. Let’s look at what makes Beacon Energy a particularly promising entity in the solar industry in the northern region of Pakistan, making it the best solar company in Peshawar.

Starting with the overall track record of the company, in this blog post, we’ll look at what makes Beacon Energy the best solar company in Peshawar, which includes the products and services that Beacon Energy has to offer for the consumers in Peshawar and elsewhere in the entire province.

What makes Beacon Energy the best solar company in Peshawar?

What makes a solar company stand taller than its competition and make the difference for consumers in providing options for renewable energy? For most, it’s the products and services that said company offers to consumers. The difference in products and services lies in the overall solar energy skyline of Pakistan, where companies tend not to invest in research and development and instead, utilize OEM products to supply consumers with equipment imported from abroad.

Similarly, the services sector of Pakistan is already riddled with issues, and for solar companies, aftersales and monitoring services are essentially non-existent. This is where Beacon Energy steps in. With its exceptional product range and services, it stands above the rest of the competition, allowing consumers to experience the best of what solar has to offer in Pakistan. Let’s start by looking at the products and services for Beacon Energy’s moniker as the top solar company in Peshawar.


Beacon Energy boasts an extensive portfolio of some of the most technologically advanced and modern, cutting-edge products that are a peek into the future of what solar energy and solar energy systems will look like in the future. Their flagship product, the INTRIX smart solar energy solution, is now joined by the equally impressive and highly efficient INTRIX HV. This line of smart solar solutions by Beacon Energy boasts an inclusion of both advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and with their recent advancement with BEL Eye, now the systems boast advanced machine learning as well to configure the system appropriately in response to a number of inputs, including blackouts, energy consumption deviancy as well as requirements for scaling up energy consumption.

The INTRIX and INTRIX HV form an elite part of the offerings by Beacon Energy that provide consumers with a viable and quality alternative to local suppliers who offer equipment and no installation services. The INTRIX and INTRIX HV come with the companion application BELCONNECT, with which we’ll explain the services section of Beacon Energy that makes it the best solar company in Peshawar.


Services is the one sector where Beacon Energy absolutely shines and leaves the competition in dust. Starting with their BELCONNECT partner application that tracks each and every metric for the INTRIX solar energy solution and provides an easy, intuitive way for consumers to interact with their solar energy system. On the other hand, for their aftersales services, the headline is NOC or their network operations centre, which serves as the headquarters for the company to remotely monitor all the installed systems and to ensure that they keep performing to their fullest. With an exceptional NOC setup and prompt issue resolution service as well as an aftersales service that trumps every other service out there, Beacon Energy boasts the most comprehensive solar energy service out there, not to mention their impeccable installation service that does an incredible job in ensuring that your solar energy system is installed without any issues at all.

All in all, Beacon Energy represents the peak of both products and services that the solar energy sector has got to deliver in Pakistan, and with offerings like INTRIX, BELCONNECT and NOC, Beacon Energy is bringing its particular brand of excellence to Peshawar.

Beacon Energy: The best solar company in Peshawar

As Pakistan moves forward with renewable energy and advanced solar energy systems, it’s the best solar companies in Pakistan like Beacon Energy that are constantly pushing the envelope, bringing the best in solar to cities all across the country. Experience the best of solar with Beacon Energy and prepare for a holistic experience that combines the best products with the best services to make all the difference in the world


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