Beacon Energy is one of Pakistan's most innovative solar companies. As a leading provider of solar solutions, Beacon Energy provides round-the-clock customer service with high-quality diversified solar systems.

Beacon Energy Limited (BEL) is one of the latest ventures of The Beaconhouse Group, Pakistan’s premier educational services organization. Like our schools, BEL has been set up with a focus on quality above all else. Inheriting more than 40 years of service expertise, the BEL team focuses first and foremost on ensuring that each customer gets a solution that meets their individual needs.

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Beacon Energy has a robust Monitoring & support app that gives customers complete visibility over their solar system. Available on all mobile and desktop platforms, the app allows the user to see all current and historical data about energy production, utilization, export, and overall saving. The app also provides users with the ability to interact with our Network Operations Center (NOC) in order to raise fault alerts and monitor the resolution of all complaints.

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INTRIX - A premium hybrid solar solution

INTRIX is an intelligent solution designed to integrate solar energy, energy from gird, and batteries to provide an uninterrupted power supply.

Why choose INTRIX?

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Smart Inverter

INTRIX Inverter is an intelligent machine designed to integrate energy from solar, grid, and battery to provide an uninterrupted power supply.

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Smart Battery

INTRIX is powered by Lithium-Ion batteries with smart battery management system making it safer and stretching its life expectancy to maximum.

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AI Power Management

AI based power management drives smart decisions to optimize consumption, grid feed in, peak hours saving, and battery charging to maximize customer ROI and battery backup.

Our Projects

Kashmir Feeds (Pvt.) Ltd

Capacity: 995 KW

Haidri Beverages

Capacity: 850 KW

Samira Fabrics (Pvt.) Ltd

Capacity: 622 KW

Feroz Mill

Capacity: 505 KW

ECO Pack Limited

Capacity: 500 KW

Attock Horizon Industries

Capacity: 328 KW

Products Comparison

Beacon Energy has experience in designing, building, and engineering solar plants that are customized to each customer’s unique needs and requests

Solar Solution
  • Ideal Users: Daytime office or factory use. Residencies where load shedding is rare or zero
  • Backup Storage: No
  • Uninterrupted Power: No
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Yes
  • Mobile App Monitoring: Yes
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Solar Solution
  • Ideal Users: Unreliable grid (wapda) with scheduled and unscheduled outages where energy shortage is common.
  • Backup Storage: Yes
  • Uninterrupted Power: Yes
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Yes
  • Mobile App Monitoring: Yes
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Satisfied Customers
Salman Naseer

Mr. Salman Naseer made his choice and installed Hybrid (INTRIX) Smart Solar Solution from Beacon Energy and is extremely satisfied with his experience. The system meets 50-60% of his household's energy needs - exceeding expectations by far.

Hasan Danish

Have you heard of INTRIX - Hybrid Smart Solution? If not, then listen to what Mr. Hasan Danish has to say about the solution installed at his home in Islamabad, and how it has helped him take control of electricity usage and reduce expenses.