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An exciting opportunity in a form of Referral App by Beacon Energy. Refer your friends & family members
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App Features

BELPARTNER provides easy, mobile access to anyone to manage their referrals with direct access to the most up-to-date and feature rich app. The Referral Platform app boasts features that can make managing your referrals easier than ever before.


Referral Status

Referral status shows total number of referrals in terms of approved, declined and contacted referrals


Earnings Record

Total earning and earnings per month can be viewed on the dashboard


Safe Payments

The BELPARTNER app uses a secure payment system to ensure that users earnings arrive safely to them



The app supports both English and Urdu, so it's easy for users from different backgrounds to use and navigate through the app


Support 24/7

Users can always reach out for help if they need it—whether it's for technical support or just general advice


Secure Login

The app provides users with secure login methods, including email, phone number, Apple ID, and Google with email verification

4 Easy steps of working


Step 1. Create Account

A user needs to create account using normal method of registration i.e email/phone no or through google (gmail).

Step 2. Account Settings

Once account is created, user needs to complete account details as directed so that details can be used for further transactions.

Step 3. Add Referral

Once step.1 & step.2 are done, user is good to go to add referrals (can add manually or can add through phone contacts).

Step 4. Language

For convenience multi-language support is added so that user can use the app as per ease.

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A referral becomes qualified upon reaching the close won stage. A close won means that purchase/installation of the system is completed given that the referral was not previously customer.

With the BelPartners Referral Program, You can refer anyone who may be interested in solar technologies or is looking for solar energy solutions.

Yes, you can refer to people from different cities that are mentioned in city selection.

Yes, you can track your referrals on your BELPARTNER. You can see their status via the main dashboard. You will be notified about the contact, meetings, and successful/unsuccessful sale of the system. The app will also show you the reward details.

In the case of multiple people referring one person, the bonus will be rewarded to the person who first referred.

Yes, you can refer a commercial business who may be interested in switching to solar energy.

You will receive your reward through cheque within 30 days of close won. You will be notified through referral app notifications about the purchase journey of your referral. In case of any delays, you can contact us through UAN number 0310 0000 (235), or email us at

You will receive your reward through bank cheques within 30 days of a successful closed deal.

Yes, all the referral amounts are exclusive of applicable FBR tax. The tax amount may vary on different factors including, but not limited to filer/non-filer status and the provincial tax ratio.

If your referral cancels their order, the opportunity will be declined. Thus, there will be no reward on that referral opportunity.

There is no bonus upon your referral's system upgrade. The reward will be the same as that of the closed-won deal.

No, there is no limit on referring people. You can refer as many people as you would like and earn monetary rewards.