Reducing high electricity bills in summer with Solar Energy

27 July

If the summer sun is fun for us, it’s also the main point of contention for many. After all, how else do you get the most sweltering season of the year? Fortunately, for us, we’ve got ACs and a whole lot of other resources to offset that, which again poses the issue of high electricity bills. The more you use that, the more you’re going to pay for it, and in Pakistan’s case, unfortunately, the tariffs are just criminal. However, despite all of this, you still have an answer to the question how to lower electricity bills in the summer, and that is solar energy.

When the sun gives off that much oppressive heat, remember, its still a form of energy that can be used. So, solar energy takes all that punch and generates electricity off of it. So, with the best solar company in Pakistan, Beacon Energy, you can actually lower your electricity bills this summer, all the while continuing to use power to run ACs just to escape that heat. Aside from the tips to reduce electricity bills like sensible and responsible usage of electricity, let’s look at how solar energy manages to reduce your electricity bills and makes summer all the more enjoyable, sans the heat and the pesky bills.

How does solar energy reduce high electricity bills in the summer?

Solar energy systems use the sun’s power to generate electricity; that much is obvious. Its called the photovoltaic effect, and this is essentially how you can keep your bills down in the summer, despite consuming more than what a person would normally do.

Many of the best solar companies in Pakistan, like Beacon Energy, offer highly advanced solar energy systems, which work in tandem with the local grid, like hybrid or on-grid systems. These systems are the most popular and the most cost-efficient, since the savings you incur are incredible. And it is these systems exactly that save you the most in high electricity bills during the summer.

The functioning of a solar energy system, especially a hybrid one, is such that it does supply the household with electricity (from solar energy), but does not completely take over the supply duties of the grid. You see, this is exactly why bills can be lowered but not completely written off altogether; you will need the grid even with solar energy; that is, unless you opt for an off-grid system, which costs considerably more.

Two ways to reduce high electricity bills this summer with solar

Every solar energy system uses two methods to reduce electricity bills in the summer. Either with net metering, or by another process wherein it fills the gaps in the grid power or supplies excessive consumption with solar energy, so you only pay for what you actually consumed from the grid.

Net metering:

Net metering is essentially the consumer giving back to the grid. Lets explain it a little bit more. What you consumer from the grid and the solar energy system will always vary. However, solar energy output is essentially the same; so, the days where you have some extra from the solar energy system left, it will feed it back to the grid, which will then count towards taking tariffs out of your bill. Given the system generates enough and consumption stays down, your electricity bills can essentially be zero, since all of the generated power will be fed into the grids, counting as credit towards the DISCO. Every solar energy system, including those from Beacon Energy, feature net metering, which holds great potential in not only savings but also reducing your electricity bills for the summer.

Peak solar consumption:

Another way to reduce your electricity bills and not consume any less power is by consuming the excess power generated from solar energy systems. By running your ACs and any other appliance solely on solar power, you will only be charged for the grid power that you have consumed during non-peak time, which will be quite low, while peak power consumption times, solar energy will kick in for free essentially, lowering your electricity bill considerably.

Reducing your electricity bills this summer with Beacon Energy

Beacon Energy, one of the foremost solar companies in Pakistan, is revolutionizing the way solar energy operates in the country. With its radical products like the INTRIX system , solar energy systems are not just solar panels and a bunch of batteries; it’s a smart, AI-powered system that intelligently monitors consumption and generation to give you a constant supply of power in the face of power blackouts, low voltages and whatnot. With Beacon Energy, your summer electricity bills are as good as gone. Never again will you need to worry about high electricity bills with Beacon Energy solar!