Why switching to solar energy is a good financial decision?

Why switching to solar energy is a good financial decision
7 April

With energy prices everywhere in the world going haywire, its about time people started looking into alternatives. Because let’s face it. Between global inflation and the energy demand, it’s not financially prudent to not have something of a fallback option. Out of all the renewable energy options we have available, solar energy seems to be the best bet we’ve got. Its clean, its obviously renewable and it’s got a great ROI (return on investment), whether its for your home use or office. So, for today, we’ll look into why switching to solar energy is a good financial decision, one that is fast becoming the need of the hour, and what are some of the best solar companies in Pakistan that can help you with that switch.

Switching to solar does not simply mean getting a couple of solar panels and plopping them down on your roof. That would be a hack. A proper switch to solar includes more than that: for starters, you’ve got the load, the capacity, the power requirements to look out for. Then you’ve got power storage options to look into as well. As you can understand from all this, it’s not a simple process, switching to solar energy, but it’s worth it.

Lets understand why switching to solar energy is a good financial decision, and which solar power systems you should go for.

Switching to solar: the perks

As is already evident, switching to solar is more than just a simple job. It requires careful analysis, load calculation and a host of other processes. But the reason many people go through this ordeal for the sake of solar energy and renewable energy options in general is because its eventually a very feasible option. Lets look at the perks of going solar by using solar modules and other photovoltaic (PV) equipment.

  • Savings:
  • The main point and the main reason why solar power and solar energy is so lucrative. The savings potential for going solar and solar power systems in general is high, high enough to offset any initial costs that you may incur during the installation phase. Think about it. With the right combination of solar modules from the right solar company in Pakistan, you can go completely off-grid and not incur any charges for utility consumption or stay on a more mild hybrid system and use solar only when your energy consumption goes above a certain threshold.

    Whatever the requirement, one thing you can be certain of with solar energy is the savings part. Solar modules and other PV equipment usually pay themselves off within a couple of years after installation in savings that you reap. Therefore, the main reason to switch to solar is the incredible savings you get.

  • Use net metering to your advantage:
  • Net metering is essentially power generated by your solar module fed into the grid. Which basically means that the state now owes you money. Well, net metering doesn’t exactly work like this, but very close. In net metering, whatever your solar modules provide to the grid will be credited to whatever you consume from the grid, so its essentially you amplifying your savings and taking them to the next level.

    Net metering works only in specific solar energy set ups, but the good news is that a majority of solar companies in Pakistan do offer solar energy solutions that allow for net metering. What’s more, Pakistan also has a good net metering policy , so you can maximise your solar energy generation efforts and go for maximum savings possible.

  • Helps with peak power consumption:
  • Power consumption at peak times is what essentially drives the power cost up, and the up part is exponential. Which means that after 5 units have been consumed, the next one will be incremented in cost and so on. This is especially finance-draining in peak summers, where energy consumption gets to an all-time high.

    Solar energy and solar modules can help offset that damage. With solar energy generation also at its peak in the hot summers, with ample sun-facing time, you can essentially run on solar power alone if the energy requirement isn’t all that much. If it is, the solar energy system can complement the grid power, feeding in power where necessary and filling the gaps, which is also great since it cuts back on excessive grid dependence and gives you freedom to consume more power.

To conclude Switching to solar is a financially prudent decision, partly because of the savings, and partly because the costs associated with power generation are currently at their peak, and right now, what people are looking into is offsetting some of that associated cost to ensure savings at the highest level. Whatever your requirement for solar power, the best solar company in Pakistan, Beacon Energy can help.