How many solar panels are required for 1.5 Ton AC?

1.5 ton AC
9 Sep

Climate control systems that continuously flow air out require a lot of energy. Air conditioners of bigger size consume more energy to run their compressors. To handle the high energy demands of Air conditioners, we recommend a 3 to 5 kVA inverter system.

The power demand of an air conditioner is highest when all its components are running. However, the amount of power required by an air conditioner varies based on room temperature; when the room is hot, the compressor stops, reducing power consumption.

To find the exact numbers of solar panels needed to make an AC functional we need to consider various factors like the size of the room, the size of the AC, and weather conditions. A bigger space takes more time to chill down hence more energy is consumed.

1.5-Ton Air Conditioner requires 3kVA or 3000 watts of electricity which can be met with at least 540 watt capacity of solar panels and 5 panels would be enough for this. The 1.5-Ton air conditioner is designed in a way that it requires 1.5 kW of load which means if the AC is running for an hour at its full capacity it will consume 1.5 units.

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