How many kWh does a house use per day?

20 October

Our entire lives revolve around electricity and energy. Everything from our mobile phones to cars and even some e-cigarettes require electricity now. Which means, that the average household now consumes far more energy than it did even 10 years ago, and Pakistan is no different. Pakistani households have also seen a steady rise in their consumption of electricity, and chalk it up to devices or simply the passage of time and population growth, now is the time to look into alternative energy sources that can keep our lives and our homes powered. So, lets answer the question: how many kWh does a house use per day?

We will also look at some of the best solar energy systems in Pakistan, and how much do solar panels cost in Pakistan as well with the best solar company. Lets now look at how many kWh does a house use per day.

How many kWh does a house use per day?

According to research, Pakistani households are not the most energy-hungry households in the world; in fact, the major part of the consumption does not come from power-hungry devices, rather from the fact that the average family is around 7 persons, which drives up the consumption per household. More recently, energy-efficient devices have further made it difficult to pin down a specific factor for that, but regardless of that, the annual household consumption of electricity in Pakistan is around 2469 kWh.

So, how much electricity does a house use per day? With a little bit of math, the average per day consumption comes up to nearly 7 kWh per household a day. This is a far cry from what the average American household consumes, around 30 kWh, despite their smaller family size. A good explanation for such a difference is obviously the infrastructure, the number and quality of devices per household as well as consumption habits. Since electricity is really expensive in Pakistan and it uses an unconventional billing system, people tend to conserve electricity and bring down their average consumption, since it would obviously result in lesser bills.

Aside from that, the appliances or devices in Pakistan also vary a lot. For instance, the most popular air conditioner in Pakistan comes in at the one-ton mark. So, how many kWh does an AC user per day? Around 18kWs of electricity can be consumed by a single one-ton air conditioner running for about 12 hours. Same with how many kWh does a refrigerator use: around 4kWh, which puts into perspective how and where the bulk of energy is consumed. However, this is by no way an objective calculation, since a lot of factors come into play for electrical appliances.

Solar energy: reduces bills, supplements consumption

With alternative energy sources getting more and more popular, one thing is for certain: these sources will need to replace the current system, since consumption will only go upwards from here, whereas these resources are finite. Solar is the one renewable energy option that has a lot of benefits; aside from keeping your electricity bills down, it will also supplement and provide for the increase in energy consumption as time goes on. However, it is important that a good solar company be contracted to install a solar energy system for your home, as this will ensure that you get the most out of solar energy.

Now, solar energy system price in Pakistan is very much part of the reason why solar energy is getting more and more popular in the country. Solar panel cost in Pakistan also quite low, but getting quality products can be rather difficult, since a lot of lower-quality, second-rate equipment floods the local market. Therefore, getting solar panels and a solar energy system that gives you the best efficiency is important, and a good solar energy company in Pakistan can help a lot.

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