How does net-metering works?

How does net-metering works
17 Feb

Solar panel systems that produce excess energy can be credited to the electric grid as "net metering" energy. It's possible to use your accumulated credits on a cloudy or rainy day when your panels don't generate enough energy. Solar customers are only billed for "net" energy consumption.

Net metering: how it works

Assume you have installed solar panels and live in an area with net metering. And if you produce more electricity during the day than you use, your photovoltaic system sends the excess back to the grid, running your electric meter backward. Similarly, you'll run your meter forward when your energy use exceeds the amount produced by your solar panels, such as at night or on cloudy days. Basically, you are billed the difference between what you send to the grid and what you draw from it.

If your solar energy system is sized correctly, it will produce enough electricity to meet all of your home's electricity needs. You may generate more electricity in