How solar energy systems help ease inflation and increase savings

11 August

As energy prices worldwide go through their phase of scaring everybody, more and more people are now on the lookout for alternative energy sources that give some sort of relief. Add in the sweltering heat that is also the big global issue, and suddenly, it seems like the perfect storm for a miserable summer: instead of summer fun, we’ve got the oppressive heat and the big bills to worry about. However, you can literally turn that sun into a friend with solar energy. You see, solar energy is the one source of energy that can help turn that summer around: no big bills, no worries about inflation and all you get, is big savings.

With the best solar companies in Pakistan, this summer is ripe for going solar. Inflation is a big problem in Pakistan, and the heat means that bills are not going to be kind. Solar is poised to help; taking advantage of this heat will allow you to beat inflation and most of all, save big on bills. Before we discuss how, here’s a quick tip: don’t get into solar energy with a company that doesn’t understand solar.

With the top solar companies in Pakistan, like Beacon Energy, solar energy will do as advertised: beat the inflation rate in Pakistan and keep you chilled without taking too much from the grid.

We’ll delve some more into the best solar companies in Islamabad and Rawalpindi later on. But now, here’s how solar energy systems in Pakistan can help you beat the heat, beat the inflation and save you lots of money.

Solar energy: beating the inflation

Due to global geopolitical conditions, the energy market is earning big bucks right now. We have a cost-of-living crisis going on in the UK, gas is non-existent in the EU and America is struggling with exorbitant oil prices. All of which spell disaster for Pakistan. Energy prices are criminal right now; and policymakers aren’t helping.

Solar energy is the only way right now that inflation can be controlled. With solar energy, rising cost of energy, which is consumed all the more during summer, can be negated. How? Well, by simply getting a solar energy system that fills into the grid power, ensuring that the extra that you use comes from the solar energy system, and not from the grid, which in Pakistan ends up charging you even more.

Getting a hybrid or on-grid solar energy system in Pakistan can mean a bill difference of up to 60 per cent. This means that a reduction of more than half the bill can be possible with the addition of a solar energy system. Still think solar energy is not worth that money?

Solar energy: keeping you cool while saving you big

With solar energy, electricity becomes cheap and more approachable. As summers set in, the heat becomes unbearable, and air conditioning tends to stay on for the better part of the day. This contributes to the hefty bills in the summertime.

Now, add a solar energy system in Pakistan to the equation, and the whole situation changes. You can enjoy unlimited air conditioning with solar energy; and your bill will only include the units consumed from the grid, not the surplus, which was generated by the solar energy system. Get your system approved for net metering, and you could start dropping down on bills even more, with the DISCOs even giving you credit for the units your solar energy system might have generated which were then fed back into the grid.

So, with solar energy systems, not only will you keep cool this summer, enjoying the fresh breeze of the AC, but you can also stop worrying about the high bills that usually accompany that AC. And if you were starting to relax, here’s more: the savings. The amounts you save on the bills with solar energy is also great, so, again, with solar, summer is indeed an enjoyable season.

Enjoying summers with the best solar company in Pakistan

While Pakistan is certainly conducive and responsive as a solar energy market, not all solar companies are equal. Which is why, to truly reap the benefits of solar energy, you will need the best solar company in Pakistan to do this. Beacon Energy, one of the best solar companies in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and other metropolitans of the country, has a track record of excellence, punctuated by their excellent solar energy systems in Pakistan and complete solar solutions in a range of configurations. INTRIX, their flagship system, is a contender for the best solar energy system in Pakistan, using smart AI and a host of other features to give you, the consumer, total control over their solar energy system with complete information of the system available at all times.