Facts about efficient solar panels in Pakistan

efficient solar panels
4 Nov

The sun is our solar system's ultimate source of renewable energy. A year's worth of electricity can be generated by the sun by emitting enough energy in one hour. In a year, humanity needs 410 quintillion joules compared with the 430 quintillion joules the Sun produces every hour.

Here are some interesting facts and benefits of solar energy you probably did not know:

  • During the 30-year period, one solar-powered home can eliminate up to 100 tons of carbon emissions from the environment.
  • Over the past 37 years, electricity prices in Pakistan have increased by over 20%, while solar panel prices globally have decreased by 99%.,/li>
  • Many solar panel companies provide maintenance and warranties for up to 25 years for their solar panels, so a solar panel system can stay in good working condition for up to four decades.
  • When the weather is warm and sunny, a home solar panel system can supply more than enough power to power two other homes. Having a reliable supply of energy can help eliminate energy crises and ensure community growth.
  • By switching to rooftop solar panels, a large number of businesses and home owners can relieve the grid of some of its burdens while offering an uninterrupted energy supply to others.
  • Many nations are building stadiums equipped with thousands of solar panels that will power households and businesses during non-event times.
  • Myths about solar systems not working in cloudy sky conditions, rainy weather, or during winter are untrue. It is not the heat of the sun that produces electricity, but it’s light. The biggest effect weather will have on the cell is that it will reduce its efficiency by a few percentage points, regardless of whether it is winter or cloudy, or rainy.

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