Easy Tips for Efficient solar panel cleaning and maintenance

28 April

Solar panel maintenance is imperative because, as much as companies would like to claim they are maintenance-free, the photovoltaic cells on the surface are only efficient when there isn’t a layer of dust covering them. As such, cleaning and making sure your solar panels are taken care of by the best solar panel maintenance service is quite necessary if you want the solar panels to be as efficient as promised. So, in view of this, should you not opt for a solar panel maintenance service like many others and instead look after them yourselves, here are a couple of tips for efficient solar panel cleaning and maintenance.

While the occasional dirt and grime on your solar plates is fine, it's not something that you should let accumulate on your solar panels. Because, as mentioned previously, the photovoltaic receptors will not get adequate sunlight owing to the dirt that might be blocking it, you might notice a sudden drop in the power generation capacity of the panels. As such, regular maintenance is important and is very conducive to the efficiency of your system.

Following are five tips that you can follow for the optimal cleaning and maintenance of your solar panels to ensure that power generation stays efficient as well. Let’s take a look at these.

Tips for efficient solar panel cleaning and maintenance

While many people prefer doing this on their own, it is nonetheless suggested and recommended that qualified professionals or maintenance crews be approached for this. However, with a good solar panel company, the PV equipment won't need all that much maintenance. Let us first look at some common solar panel maintenance checklists for solar efficiency.

  • Cleaning dirt and grime
  • Simpler cleaning involves removing dirt and grime that will accumulate on your solar panels over time. And, while many locales can make it so that you will require less cleaning, eventually this is something that you might want to do regularly either way. To wipe down your solar panels, simply use a cloth-covered sponge and clean water to lightly dab away and wipe at the surface. Ensure that each solar plate is covered thoroughly and that the surface is reflective once cleaned. This will contribute to the increased efficiency of your solar energy system and its power generation capacity.

  • Cleaning droppings, leaves, or snow
  • Weather conditions may also affect your solar panels’ efficiency, not just because of sunlight but also because of factors like snow. In the winter, power generation isn’t all that much, and snow can further disrupt this, even after it melts. Similarly, bird droppings and leaves or other residues from nearby trees might also present a problem for cleaning. In these situations, use detergent and a soft brush to gently clean your solar panels. Ideally, you might want to do this before the substance gets hard, but even if that’s not the case, the same brush can be used to clean the solar plates. Wipe down, and your solar panels will be as good as new.

  • What not to do for cleaning
  • To clean solar panels, water is enough, or a soft, non-abrasive detergent. Hard detergents, acids, or brushes with rough bristles may clean better, but they will also damage the solar plates themselves. Ensure proper and soft cleaning maintenance of your solar panels.

  • Maintaining solar panels
  • Cleaning is something that is frequent and simple. Maintenance is where you might need it, since it involves dealing with the equipment that has been installed and the accompanying electrical infrastructure. As such, it is recommended that this be handled by a solar panel maintenance service, since they will be able to provide the optimal service required for your solar panels.

  • Annual maintenance
  • In this maintenance, done yearly as the name suggests, professionals from the solar panel maintenance service will check the electric connections, the panels’ installation, and/or any degradation or upkeep matters related to the mounting equipment. Since there are no moving parts on regular solar panels, rust or other problems associated with them are not a problem. However, this maintenance will ensure that not only the solar plates are in top-notch condition but also the allied accessories.

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