20 common Questions about Solar Energy System

8 May

As we progress forward with our newfound drive to be as 'renewable energy ready as possible, let's take a look at some of the common questions that people have about the most feasible option out there: renewable solar energy. We'll also look at the best solar energy company in Pakistan and why going solar with them might be a good decision going forward.

We'll start with the questions about renewable solar energy. We'll also tackle some questions on solar panels, solar energy systems, and solar equipment manufacturers in Pakistan that you can look out for should you want to start your solar energy journey now.

Let's start with some basic questions for the sake of understanding and move on to some of the more hare-brained ones that might leave you scratching your head on renewable solar energy, solar panels, and other solar-related terms.

Q.1 How does solar energy work?

A: The most common one Solar energy is turned into DC electrical current by the solar panels, also called photovoltaic (PV) cells, when the sun's rays hit their surface. Since our homes use AC, a solar inverter has to be installed to convert the DC power into AC.

Q.2 How does solar energy save money?

A: It's simple. Once you go solar, you'll be less dependent on grid power. The less you consume grid power, the lower your utility bill. You save massively and incrementally over time with solar panels installed on your utility bills. You may even get credit through a 'net-metering' program.

Q.3 Is there any chance of solar getting less expensive?

A: Yes. While the trend has been a decline in prices for solar equipment, governments worldwide also subsidies this equipment to encourage people to go with clean solar power. What's more, several companies also offer easy payment plans for solar energy systems.

Q.4 What is net metering in solar energy?

A: Net metering is when power generated from your solar panels is fed into the grid, thereby making it so that the power distributor owes you for the power that has been generated by your solar energy system.

Q.5 Does net metering pay cash?

A: Net metering works on the debit-credit system, which means that the power you supply to the grid will be added as credit towards your utility bill. While cash would've been good, with the right system, you can get zero utility bills.

Q.6 Do solar energy systems work year-round?

A: Yes. Power generation is a year-round process, but the actual generation dips during the winter season or during rainy or cloudy seasons when the sun's rays aren't penetrating. However, as long as there is sunlight, your solar panels will continue generating power.

Q.7 How durable are the solar energy system and solar panels?

A: Very durable. Solar equipment from the right manufacturer and properly installed will mean that your solar energy system will operate at peak efficiency for more than 20 years. How's that?

Q.8 How quickly do solar panels break even or start giving me an ROI?

A: Energy generation starts from day one with solar energy systems. With the right setup, your ROI could come as soon as two to three years after installing the system. From there on, it will be saved all the way through.

Q.9 What are off-grid, on-grid, and hybrid solar energy systems?

A:Off-grid solar systems are completely off the grid and rely solely on solar panels for energy generation. On-grid systems are systems that are connected to the grid but cannot deliver power on their own in the event of a power failure. Hybrid utilises both systems but can deliver standalone power, albeit for a limited amount of time.

Q.10 What solar equipment is needed for hybrid systems?

A:For hybrid solar energy systems, aside from the usual array of solar panels and allied accessories, you will also invest in solar batteries so that energy generated from the solar panels may be stored for later use.

Q.11 Which system is best for me?

A: Most people have an idea of which system they want to go with. If you don't, try getting a solar company to calculate your requirements. They will then be able to suggest which system you should go for, either a hybrid or on-grid solar energy system.

Q.12 How many kilowatts are enough for my home?

A: Again, this is something that you can figure out on your own. Your requirements, plus any shortfalls or unforeseen events you might want to account for, will determine your energy consumption. Try to round it off with the closest solar energy plan available with the best solar energy company.

Q.13 Is there any risk to the environment with solar power?

A: Absolutely none. Clean solar energy is one of the only alternative energy sources that is clean and has no downsides for the environment at all throughout the life cycle of the solar energy equipment and its energy generation journey.

Q.14 How does solar energy benefit the environment?

A: Solar energy benefits the environment a lot, primarily because it has no associated damaging output throughout the entire lifecycle of solar energy equipment. There are no smoke, hazardous gases, or potentially threatening discharges, unlike many other sources.

Q.15 Will the installation process damage my house or roof?

A: No. The installation process, if done with a competent and best solar company, will not damage your house or roof at all. The installation process is safe, and the installation itself is sturdy enough to survive any extreme weather that nature throws at it.

Q.16 Does the solar panel installation angle affect power generation?

A: Yes. A lot because power generation will be directly dependent on the angle of the solar panels and the amount of sunlight they receive throughout the day. If the angle is such that, after a specific period, no sunlight hits the solar panels, you will see a drop-in power generation.

Q.17 Can I do a DIY job installing solar equipment?

A: While a do-it-yourself (DIY) route is possible with installing solar equipment, we recommend getting the best solar company on your case and letting the professionals handle the technical tasks. For a reasonable sum of money, you can have a proper installation job done quickly.

Q.18 What should I expect for maintenance and clean up?

A: Clean up is simple enough. Just water, soft detergent, and a cloth or soft brush. Much like how you would with your car. For maintenance, it is recommended to get a solar panel maintenance company, which will take care of all the upkeep needs for your solar energy equipment.

Q.19 Can solar affect the real estate price of the property?

A: Yes, positively. Because this is essentially a lifetime power generation source, many home buyers value properties with solar energy a lot higher than normal properties. That is because, if purchased, the savings potential will be the same and lucrative for them as well.

Q.20 Which solar power company in Pakistan is the best?

A: Among the many solar companies in Pakistan, look out for the ones with a catalogue of the highest-quality products and payment plans for solar energy equipment, like Beacon Energy, that are suited to whatever requirements you might have.