Can you add solar panels to existing systems?

21 July

Just like countries and cities, energy needs for households and individuals are also always growing. For instance, the number of devices and appliances an average household might have had 10 or even 5 years ago is half of what the normal household has. Everything from big flatscreen TVs to washing machines and refrigerators has increased, thereby bringing up the energy consumption of a household. As such, if you have a solar energy system that you installed before getting all these tech upgrades, it might be time to add solar panels to your existing solar energy system. But can you actually do that? And if so, how does that work?

Yes, solar panels can be added to existing solar energy systems, should the requirement be for increased generation capacity. However, there are a few things that need to be kept in mind when doing so, and some technical requisites that need to be fulfilled. However, since solar energy systems are relatively new and many people have only just begun installing them, many companies actually do not provide support for this, and you might first have to check with the original solar energy system installation company.

Aside from this, we’ll look into some of the most popular solar panels in Pakistan and the best solar company in Pakistan, Beacon Energy and their line of incredible products that you can get for your entry in the solar energy realm.

Can you add solar panels to existing system?

The short answer is yes. New solar panels can be added to an existing solar energy system, should the requirement be such. While many may think that it is as simple as wiring a couple of new solar panels to the existing system, that’s really not the case. There are a few requisites that need to be taken care of.

  • Existing brand or new:
  • The first and foremost is whether the panels should be from the same manufacturer or not. While it is preferable that the same brand be used, should those not be available for some reason, then you should go for the nearest panel with the same specifications and power generation capacity.

  • New inverter or not:
  • Solar inverters go hand-in-hand with the solar panels, considering that they convert the DC from solar panels into AC. As such, the simple answer is this: if the new panels being added increase the output significantly, you will obviously need to upgrade to a more efficient and heavy-duty inverter.

  • New batteries or not:
  • Same with the inverters, the batteries that you have with the existing system are configured to store a certain amount of energy. However, if you want to upgrade and add the new solar panels, which will obviously make more energy, you will need to concurrently update the batteries with higher storage to ensure that what the new solar panels produce can be easily stored with the upgraded batteries.

    Adding new solar panels to the existing system

    Once these considerations have been looked into and solved, you can then obtain the services of a solar panel installation company for professional service installing the new panels into the system. They will connect the new panels to the system and after a few technical checks, they will then monitor the system for a couple of days before handing over the upgraded system to the consumer. With that process, new solar panels will have been finally transplanted to the existing system, considering the technical requisites have been satisfied thoroughly.

    The best solar company in Pakistan

    With Beacon Energy, solar energy systems are simplified to the point where you don’t need additional solar panels to complement your increase in energy demand and consumption. With their smart INTRIX solar energy solution, which constantly and over the time monitors energy usage and generation to give you the best balance and energy when you need it the most, consumers don’t need to look into adding new panels to the system since INTRIX does it for them. Increasing generation and managing the usage of solar energy for when there is peak usage; Beacon Energy makes solar energy easy, affordable and reachable for all.