INTRIX- The Smartest Hybrid Solar Solution

best hybrid solar energy solution from Beacon Energy
19 May

Imagine the best of solar energy and the best of modern technology interconnected. Incredible, right? Well, today, we have Beacon Energy’s premier offering at hand today: the amazing INTRIX hybrid solar energy solution, which has bragging rights to be on the top of what is possible when solar energy and technological excellence meet. As far as smart solar solutions go, it beats out the competition with its multitude of smart features, seamless connectivity options and a rigorous monitoring system that makes it the most technologically feasible choice for consumers looking to go solar.

With INTRIX, Beacon Energy provides a simple solution to an unusually complex idea: the idea that within a singular system remains integrated the entire operation of the solar energy system. From energy monitoring to energy storing, the smart solar infrastructure provides complete solutions to solar energy, and is geared towards the provision of uninterrupted power supply. As a robust backup energy system, it is a product that benefits greatly from the added incentive of being centrally connected and relaying feedback constantly to the consumer, including all metrics that may be of concern.

Let’s look at the ins and outs of INTRIX, what makes it such a unique product and how it can help you go solar in the 21st century.

INTRIX- The 21st century Hybrid solar energy solution

If we are to understand this revolutionary product, let’s look at it from four different angles and work our way through the many features and innovations that make it such a standout product. Since INTRIX is a hybrid solar energy system, a lot of the basic infrastructure relates to common and simple concepts in solar energy generation and IoT, taken up several notches. We’ll start with the main part of the hybrid solar solutionand progress onto the other tenets of the system.

At the heart of this smart solar energy system is a state-of-the-art solar inverter that comes with a bevy of features that makes solar just easier and a lot more convenient. The first and foremost of which is its intelligent self-consumption and feed-into-the-grid system, which governs and monitors net metering for the system and ensures that net metering only starts once consumption has declined.

AI power management

Power management is done through an AI-powered system that balances backup energy and consumption to ensure optimal performance every time. At peak times, if the consumption is not up to a specific mark, the system will start charging the battery with power for later consumption, and with real-time load consumption and calculation, it will do both: smart charging and feeding into the grid under the boundaries as set by the AI system.

Smart battery solutions

The system is hooked up to a smart solar battery solution, which is again monitored by a management system that optimizes temperature, voltage and discharge cycles to ensure that the battery’s life expectancy does not experience severe drops. What’s more, INTRIX allows you to configure multiple batteries within a system to maximise energy storage. The smart battery setup of the hybrid system is such that conventional solar batteries just won’t cut it.

Connectivity and integration

INTRIX is among the few solar energy systems on the market that boast cloud connectivity via Wi-Fi and are integrated with auto load transfer switch. This makes it one of the most intuitive solar energy system to have on your premises, and is also a crucial part of other exciting features that are the hallmark of this system. With Wi-Fi integration, all the crucial information that you need regarding the system stays at the tap of the screen, and integration with the switch means that whatever happens, the smart hybrid system is here to keep your house or office powered up and running.

A proud offering by Beacon Energy

As the flagship product of Beacon Energy, INTRIX is a must-have for the ideal solar consumer in our modern times of central connectivity and increased convenience.

Solar energy, already an enticing and lucrative investment, is further made easy, approachable and manageable by systems like these, and this incredible hybrid solar energy system should be headlining your list should you decide to go solar.