Artificial Intelligence in Solar Energy System

18 August

As is the norm nowadays, where artificial intelligence (AI) is finding its way into more and more aspects of our lives, solar energy is no different. In fact, many products which utilize AI to further improve solar energy generation are already on the market. Many solar energy solutions use AI to efficiently generate and utilize the energy from the solar panels. As such, the applications of AI in solar energy are limitless, and we will discuss the significant ones like how is AI used in solar energy and how can AI solve energy problems?

Aside from solving energy problems, AI is also replacing conventional means of regulating solar power generation and consumption. With smart solar energy solutions like INTRIX from Beacon Energy, AI plays an important role in keeping the energy flow going no matter what happens. It boils down to the intelligent regulation of solar energy that AI performs, making it an integral part for the system.

Let’s first look at how AI is used in solar energy and then we’ll progress to the application of AI in solar energy systems like INTRIX in Pakistan.

AI for solar energy: the many benefits

AI is quite literally revolutionizing every field it touches, and solar energy is indeed, no different. With solar energy being so popular as it is right now, it was only a matter of time before AI found its way into solar energy and made it so that both are now inseparable. Here are some of the major benefits of AI and solar energy together.

  • Maximising solar energy production:
  • With AI, many solar energy systems now boast maximum energy generation. AI monitors and tracks the movement of the sun throughout the day, and calculates the maximum possible generation at peak times, allowing a mobile solar panel system to move into the position as calculated by the AI. This ensures that you get the maximum solar energy possible generated throughout the day, whereas with a conventional system, you’re essentially stuck with the load calculation done prior to the installation.

  • Optimising consumption efficiency:
  • The primary application of AI in solar energy systems like INTRIX from Beacon Energy is the optimization of consumption against electricity generated. Simply put, these AI-powered systems will monitor energy generation and consumption and will then optimize both processes to ensure peak generation and peak consumption are both covered by the system. This is one of the main benefits of having an AI-powered system; with a conventional system, no such optimization can be achieved.

  • System harmony with environmental factors:
  • With AI, more and more solar energy systems are now being plugged into things like the weather forecast and any other climactic conditions. These are then fed into the AI system, which helps calculate the most efficient workload and energy generation potential for the system. Australia is one of the first countries to have tried it with satisfactory results, resulting in above-average production throughout the research cycle. Now, more and more companies and countries are integrating such AIs to ensure the best possible outcome all the time.

    How can AI solve energy problems?

    AI in solar energy is chiefly introduced for the purpose of solving energy problems. With more and more energy insecurity around the world as the oil reserves are slowly starting to decline, the rush for alternative energy sources is surreal. Solar is poised to help enormously; the present stats point upwards all the way. However, optimizing this vast energy source is important, as is bringing in more efficiency.

    Fortunately, with the advent of AI and its integration with solar energy, the possibility of solving the energy problem is now a reality. By optimizing generation and consumption, we can best utilize solar energy, solving energy problems at the individual level. With further advancements in high-efficiency photovoltaics, generation capacity will increase, as will its optimization at the hands of AI, thereby solving the energy woes once and for all.

    INTRIX- the best of AI and solar by Beacon Energy

    INTRIX by Beacon Energy is a result of an unprecedented and uncompromised research into merging the best in AI and solar energy. One of the most efficient and smart solar energy solutions available in Pakistan, INTRIX’s AI system constantly monitors energy generation and consumption and optimizes both for the ultimate solar experience. With INTRIX as your energy source, you will never be without power again, whether its raining, sunny or snowy outside. Its just that good.