7kW solar energy system price in Pakistan

1 September

With energy prices going absolutely haywire in Pakistan, the time is now to invest in an alternate energy source that takes your dependence off the grid and subsequently, frees you from the evils of the bills that have begun wreaking havoc. Solar energy is one such solution; which is why, we’ll be looking at 7kW solar energy system price in Pakistan and where you can get the best solar energy system in Pakistan.

With solar energy on your side, the consumer stands to save a lot by having the system installed on the premises. First of all, the savings incurred by the system on your electricity bills will contribute a lot towards the return on investment on the system. More than that, solar energy systems typically pay for themselves in the first four or five years, and with the average age of a system going as far as over two decades, its pure savings from that point onwards, which makes solar energy systems a very lucrative proposition. Lets discuss the 7kW solar energy system price in Pakistan, and where you can get the best solar energy system to save big on electricity.

7kW solar energy system: the particulars

With the 7kW solar energy system in Pakistan, the first and foremost question is ‘why not more?’ Why not go with a heavier system that generates more energy and leaves us with more savings potential from the electricity bills. For Pakistan specifically, the reason is simple. An optimal balance between the savings potential and the initial cost incurred needs to be taken care of; a heavy-duty system is good, as it will incur more savings, but you will have to pay more upfront costs at the time of installation. A smaller solar energy system might cost less, but the savings potential wont be as lucrative as another one.

Therefore, a 7kW solar energy system in Pakistan represents the true balance of both initial costs and savings. The 7kW solar energy system price in Pakistan also lends to the usability factor of the solar energy system, and will include the best 7kW hybrid inverter with the system, should you choose to go with hybrid. On-grid 7kW solar energy system should also be in your consideration, since its rather more economical than the hybrid one.

The best 7kW solar energy system in Pakistan

There are many solar energy companies in Pakistan, considering how much solar energy has gotten popular. Frequent power outages mean that more and more people are turning towards solar energy as a solution to not only combat the absence of power, but for when power is online, the massive bills that accompany the heavy usage. With harsh summers and equally harsh winters, electricity is something that our growing nation needs a lot, and unfortunately, the grid is not equipped to deal with it.

With a solar energy system, however, you can do both: have power for when you need it and not pay enormous bills for using the power. The 7kW solar energy system in Pakistan gets you the best of both worlds: the benefits of solar energy, without the worry of having to pay enormous upfront costs.

7kW solar energy system price in Pakistan varies from company to company, depending on the kind of equipment being used. Obviously, 7kW solar inverter price in Pakistan and 7kW hybrid inverter price in Pakistan varies; the ones from the top manufacturers will cost more but will also outperform everything else on the market. The most value for your money should be the goal with solar energy systems, and we have just the solution for that.

The best 7kW solar energy system: INTRIX by Beacon Energy

With Beacon Energy, your 7kW solar energy system will come equipped with the best possible inverter, battery, solar panels and allied accessories. Despite the fact that solar panel prices in Pakistan have seen an upward trend, the 7kW solar energy system price will remain nominal with them, since they have the best quality of equipment available and several pricing schemes that make this a lucrative purchase. Beacon Energy’s flagship product, INTRIX, comes in the 7kW range and boasts a number of innovative features, making it a must-have for users looking to go solar. With Beacon Energy, you will have the best 7kW solar energy system in Pakistan.