4 ways solar adds value to your commercial property

8 September

Solar energy systems give any property a boost in value, whether its residential or commercial. That is because of many factors, which includes the fact that you have an alternative energy source on the premises of the property, which increases the value of said property. With solar for commercial property, you get the same effect: property prices can jump up once solar on commercial buildings is installed. Here is the breakdown of the ways solar energy adds value to a commercial property.

Solar energy tends to appreciate the potential of a property; aside from the fact that the property is perceived as well taken care of and invested upon, solar energy systems installed on a commercial property have other benefits that make purchasing a commercial property with solar installed on it worth the extra money. Solar for commercial property is a lucrative idea, and here are four ways it adds value to the commercial property.

Appreciating commercial property values with solar

Commercial properties, as a rule of thumb, go for way much higher than residential properties. That is because of the fact that these properties have earning potential, and are placed in proximity to the marketplace, which places them in an ideal location. Solar on commercial buildings, although not as common as it should be, is still something that drives the price up by a lot; according to some estimates, for residential properties, the amount of appreciation is over the price of the solar energy system itself, which makes it an ideal investment. And since solar for commercial property is a higher-yield system, this makes it even more valuable in the perception of the purchasing party.

Let’s look at the four ways solar adds value to commercial properties.

1. It adds the potential of considerable savings

Solar energy systems operate and are feasible because of the savings potential they provide. Even a 5kW solar energy system will, in the long term, save a consumer a lot of money on their utility bills. Solar panels for commercial properties are higher yield, as is the system itself, which means that your potential for savings is enormous. And that is exactly what a potential buyer might look for. The cost of operating a commercial property is also very significant, and a big part of that is usually upkeep, maintenance and the utilities that the premises consumes. Electricity is expensive, and solar for commercial property can help offset that by a lot, making your commercial property appreciate in value.

2. Property is perceived as well-tended

In real estate, perceptions of the property play an important role in both appreciation and depreciation of the value of the property. As such, it is important to keep the appearance and the locale of the property clean and well-tended, since this will always appreciate the value of the property. Solar on a commercial building also gives the perception that the property is well-tended for, and is taken care of, which would then further appreciate its value. The mere presence of solar panels on a commercial property can have that effect, even if they aren’t operational.

3. Lowers grid reliability

The electricity grid in Pakistan is not all that reliable, and businesses frequently suffer because of that, since their energy needs are never accounted for and are never satisfied. Solar solves both of these problems; it lowers the reliability on grid power, which means that power is now always available as per the requirement, and makes sure that whenever an establishment needs power, they can always rely on the solar energy system to give them the juice. This gives more usability to the commercial property and also adds a positive aspect to the entire equation, appreciating its value.

4. Increases energy reliability

In a similar vein to the above-mentioned point, solar for commercial property is all about energy reliability in a place where the grid is an unreliable source of power, and can go out at any time, causing many issues for a business. As such, solar on commercial buildings can help negate that by always providing a steady stream of power, and filling in for the grid when energy requirements experience a sudden surge; all of these and the fact that solar energy is seen as the best alternative energy option will appreciate the value of the commercial property.

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