Solar Energy - The Solution to Pakistan's Energy Crisis

Areeba Khalil Published on Aug 15, 2022

Solar power is more than just a way to help the environment–it’s also a way of protecting public health. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions benefits everyone by improving air quality, reducing respiratory illnesses and other health problems.

Burning fuel to generate electricity creates Carbon Dioxide, which is absorbed by the atmosphere and contributes to global warming. Climate change leads to many health hazards, including the spread of infectious diseases, drought and famine. Using solar energy will help us avoid these impacts.

Besides being a threat to the environment, nonrenewable energy sources are dangerous for the ground as well. It is very common that oil spills into soils which harm animals and plants. The radioactive material used in nuclear power plants is a major source of ground pollution. The radiation that it emits damages living cells and can poison humans because its effects are poisonous.

Power plants are usually constructed far from the areas where people live. As a result, long transmission lines must be used to supply each house with electricity. The energy lost during transmission can be made up for by burning more fuel—which emits harmful gasses—but all of this hassle can be avoided using solar panels.

Another renewable energy source is hydropower, which does not emit carbon dioxide or pollute the air. But it relies on rivers and natural bodies of water—which can harm ecosystems as well as access to drinking water for humans when implemented carelessly. Renewable energy sources are abundant, and we can rely on them to meet our requirements as completely as nonrenewable.

Solar power is reducing greenhouse emissions and improving the environment. It has no adverse environmental effects, and does not pollute water bodies. To build a friendly environment for everyone we need them to be aware of all the benefits mentioned above. BEL Solar Panels will help you make your business more cost efficient and environment friendly.


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