Why are many businesses turning towards solar in Pakistan

Areeba Khalil Published on March 15, 2024

Pakistan is fast moving towards a society where solar energy and other renewable sources of energy are gaining popularity. This is further compounded by the fact that the country still struggles with the adequate provision of energy through its national grid, which, during energy-intensive times, is notorious for cutting off power supply. It is therefore understandable why many residents prefer having an alternative source of energy that fulfils their requirements. Despite other facilities provided by the government to the commercial sectors, businesses in Pakistan are also becoming very receptive towards the idea of solar. In this blog, we will unearth the reasons why businesses in Pakistan are turning towards solar energy in droves.

We will also discuss how one of the best solar panel companies in Pakistan, Beacon Energy, is helping these businesses adapt an economically and environmentally sustainable future ahead with the provision of high-output solar energy systems that reduce operating costs and ensure reliable energy at all times. Let’s get started.

Why are many businesses turning towards solar?

Residential solar tends to take the lion’s share when it comes to solar installations within a country. The high initial costs for installing high-output solar energy solutions may deter businesses from investing in solar. However, that is not the case in Pakistan; businesses are now more receptive than ever to the idea of solar energy and the number of solar energy installations on commercial premises has skyrocketed over the past few years. Why is that?

Well, there are certain reasons that help explain why Pakistan’s business landscape has been incredibly receptive towards solar energy. Let’s discuss these reasons.

i. Cost-effective

The first reason that has contributed to the growth of solar energy in Pakistan and is one of the main reasons why both residential and commercial sectors are showing healthy signs of growth is the cost- effectiveness of solar energy systems. Despite their high initial costs, solar energy systems are remarkably cost-effective; provided their savings potential stays high, which it usually does across its lifespan. This cost-effectiveness has helped businesses realise that the need for dependency on an unstable and unreliable grid can be detrimental to the business, and to ensure that the business stays profitable and afloat during times of energy crisis, the cost-effectiveness of solar makes it the perfect source of renewable energy to have.

ii. ROI

The other major reason why businesses are going solar quickly in Pakistan is because of its fantastic ROI or return on investment. You see, the initial cost of solar energy systems in Pakistan is quite high, and yet businesses invest quite regularly in it. This is because the return on investment for solar energy systems is quite good. In fact, despite its high initial price, the average solar energy solution is able to pay itself off within two years of operation. This is incredibly good for such a considerable investment, and this helps explain why businesses are so much more receptive towards solar energy in Pakistan.

iii. Cuts operating costs

Pakistan has at best, a very unreliable grid. Such a grid can be a menace for business since regular power cuts, routine blackouts and a poor infrastructure can drive up production costs and operating costs. Lately, the tariffs for power have also begun rising, and all of this combines to become the perfect storm for businesses to fail or show unproductivity, which is what is happening in Pakistan unfortunately. Solar safeguards a business from the rising energy costs and the uncertainty or unreliability of the grid and always ensures a reliable access to energy (given Pakistan’s excellent exposure to sunlight throughout the year). This reason alone is why solar continues to be a popular solution for the energy woes of the commercial sector in Pakistan.

iv. Source of reliable energy

As much as renewable energy sources still have to progress further in terms of their viability, solar energy is still very much reliable and very much the best option available globally. Again, the major factor here is sunlight; Pakistan is blessed with an above-average exposure to sunlight that helps the solar energy skyline stay beneficial and relevant in the country. This also provides a reliable source of energy to businesses, which can then use their reliability to their advantage and cut down operating costs and factor out the element of uncertainty in business.

v. Longevity

Finally, solar energy systems are very robust and long-lasting. Given that an average solar energy system can be a bit expensive, many people tend to shirk away from solar until the solar ROI and its longevity convinces them otherwise. Solar energy solutions regularly go beyond the two- decade or twenty-year mark, and stay extremely efficient till then, meaning that businesses consider this a long-term investment that keeps paying off for the vast majority of the foreseeable future.

Beacon Energy: Cutting edge solar innovation in Pakistan

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