Things to do after Solar Energy System installation

Areeba Khalil Published on July 5, 2024

Solar energy systems are all the rage nowadays. The sweltering heat and the spikes that energy tariffs in Pakistan have seen have contributed to the perfect storm that has bought a renewed appreciation of solar energy and other sources of renewable energy in Pakistan. This has translated into lots of people joining this solar revolution and have their premises powered by solar energy systems.

However, the general understanding around solar energy systems is still very limited and given the propensity for people to damage their solar energy system in some way by not understanding the dynamics of it is very much possible. Which is why, in this blog post, we will look at the post-installation requisites that you need to do for your solar energy system in order for it to perform efficiently. For the best solar energy systems in Pakistan, trust Beacon Energy, the top solar company in Pakistan. Purveyors of smart solar energy systems, with their INTRIX and INTRIX HV systems, Beacon Energy is looking to bring the best of solar to the country, and to help with the growing popularity of renewable energy as the main source of energizing the skyline of Pakistan. Let’s start by looking at the things to do after solar energy system installation.

Things to do after solar energy system installation

Once you have your shiny new solar energy system installed, its always important to understand that while the installation part was done by a team of trained professionals, now, the system is up to you. And if you think that the post- installation period is going to be difficult or might have some really technical tasks, it isn’t. In fact, the list of things to do after solar energy system installation is really simple, and here is quick overview of them.

i. Understanding the basics of the system

Let us state once again: the general understanding around solar energy systems is very limited. Many people, even those who have these systems installed in their homes or offices have a very limited understanding of how the system actually works. And to ensure that you know what to expect of the system and you don’t affect its performance in any way, here is a quick explanation of how a solar energy system works. For starters, solar panels are the main recipients of the sunlight, and use this sunlight to generate solar energy. The energy generated by the solar panels is in the form of DC or direct current, and to convert into AC or alternating current for use by the appliances in the home, a solar inverter is used. Depending on the system configuration, you may or may not have a battery, so this is how the system works and its constituents.

ii. Maintaining the system properly

The second thing that people need to know about solar energy systems is the fact that they require an ample maintenance schedule that ensures that the system gets all the upkeep it needs. From wiping down the solar panels every now and then to keep it from accumulating waste and debris to checking the electrical connections every now and then, maintaining the system is something that is imperative and needs to be done regularly to keep the system running at its fullest. Maintenance is important, and with you doing the maintenance as soon as the system is installed and starts generating energy, you will get the best performance out of it.

iii. Monitoring the performance of the system

It is important that you understand the system’s output and generation potential. If you have a system with a generation potential of 5kW, expecting anything more than that is not going to be a very good thought.

On the other hand, accepting anything less than 5kW is equally wrong and defeats the purpose of having a high-efficiency solar energy system installed on your premises. Therefore, once your solar energy system has been installed, one of the things that needs to be done is to monitor the performance of the solar energy system to ensure that you are getting the best performance out of the system.

iv. Understanding the safety aspect of the system

Any electrical equipment needs to be handled with extreme care, and since your solar energy system is connected to the home power box, and in some instances, the grid, therefore, it is important to take essential safety measures when interacting with the system. Understand that the system is a live system that needs to be kept well-ventilated, dry and inert from the ground. Understanding and applying these safety tips will help you interact with the system without any issue at all.

v. Tracking the financial performance of the system

By tracking the financial performance of the system, you will be able to gauge exactly how better is your solar ROI and how much is your system generating that knocks consumption off your utility bills. Similarly, if you have net metering enabled on your solar energy system, you should also track how many units have been pumped back into the grid to calculate whether or not the system has been financially feasible for you.

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