Making the most out of solar energy against high bills this summer

Areeba Khalil Published on April 26, 2024

Summers in Pakistan bring with them a whole menagerie of things to look forward to. From seasonal fruits to community pools opening up and to a renewed appreciation for the country’s colder Northern regions, unfortunately, this is where the good things. Pakistan’s grid, already notorious for being overwhelmed and poorly maintained, goes under further stress, and the worst of them all, the energy tariffs. Energy tariffs routinely see price hikes during the season, and this can erode all the summer fun. Luckily, the summer also brings with it the prickly sun, and this summer, you can use it to your advantage with solar energy with the best solar company in Pakistan, Beacon Energy, and its latest offering, the INTRIX HV inverter in Pakistan.

In this blog post, we’ll guide you through solar energy, and how, by using solar energy this summer, your woes for inflated electricity bills can go away as you enjoy uninterrupted access to electricity without worrying about the exorbitant costs.

Solar Energy System in Pakistan

Pakistan’s solar energy landscape is one of the fastest growing in the region, as characterized by the rapid growth of solar industry in the country. It is no wonder that a great part in that growth has been played by the inherent grid problems of the country: from rising energy prices to an unstable grid which is further made worse with an unreliable transmission system. This perfect storm of issues with the grid has made solar the best and fastest growing avenues of alternative energy sources in the country.

Which is where the best solar company in Pakistan comes in. Beacon Energy, also one of the fastest-growing solar energy companies in Pakistan, has a host of excellent and innovative products and services designed to give you the most of solar energy. This summer, as the mercury begins to rise, you can use solar energy to your advantage and experience a sharp decline in your energy or utility bills with solar. Add in the net-metering option, and suddenly, your bills can go from zero to negative. Let’s start by looking at what Beacon Energy has to offer in the form of its incredible INTRIX solar energy solution.

Beacon Energy INTRIX: Your ticket to reduced bills this summer!

INTRIX and INTRIX HV form the complete portfolio of Beacon Energy, offering a custom-built solar energy solution that gives you complete energy reliability and an uninterrupted supply by combining the flow of electricity from solar, grid and battery. This ensures that you stay energized no matter what the blackout schedule is. Lets look a little deeper into the many features of INTRIX and understand what INTRIX can do for you and your utility bills this summer.

AI power management

Power management is done through an AI-powered system that balances backup energy and consumption to ensure optimal performance every time. At peak times, if the consumption is not up to a specific mark, the system will start charging the battery with power for later consumption, and with real-time load consumption and calculation, it will do both: smart charging and feeding into the grid under the boundaries as set by the AI system.

Smart battery solutions

The system is hooked up to a smart solar battery solution, which is again monitored by a management system that optimizes temperature, voltage and discharge cycles to ensure that the battery’s life expectancy does not experience severe drops. What’s more, INTRIX allows you to configure multiple batteries within a system to maximise energy storage. The smart battery setup of the hybrid system is such that conventional solar batteries just won’t cut it.

Connectivity and integration

INTRIX is among the few solar energy systems on the market that boast cloud connectivity via Wi-Fi and are integrated with auto load transfer switch. This makes it one of the most intuitive solar energy system to have on your premises, and is also a crucial part of other exciting features that are the hallmark of this system. With Wi-Fi integration, all the crucial information that you need regarding the system stays at the tap of the screen, and integration with the switch means that whatever happens, the smart hybrid system is here to keep your house or office powered up and running.

So, no matter what you are looking forward to this summer, start by having your house energized by a solar energy solution like INTRIX by Beacon Energy and watch as those pesky bills go down in an instant, giving you the much-deserved relief from bills that frankly, all of Pakistan needs.

Beacon Energy: The best solar company in Pakistan

All across Pakistan, solar energy is growing. At the helm, an innovative and resourceful company is required that helps transform a bleak energy economy into a modern, well-energised one. Beacon Energy, one of the best solar companies in Rawalpindi and across Pakistan, has the products and services needed for the people to enjoy the summers with the maximum efficiency of solar energy. Check us out at for more on solar excellence.


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