How does solar help control rising costs

Areeba Khalil Published on March 1, 2024

The world, including our country Pakistan, is gripped in a cost-of-living crisis brought about by a multitude of factors, including the predicted fallout from the pandemic to reduced economic performances worldwide. While this crisis may wane in other countries, the same unfortunately cannot be said for Pakistan, where energy costs alone can and are continuing to wreak havoc as we progress. Solar and other renewable energy means are the only way out of this quagmire, and in this blog, we’ll take a look at how solar energy can help you control rising energy costs that may otherwise affect your quality of life.

As always, we will also be taking an in-depth look at the best solar company in Pakistan, Beacon Energy, and how, with its introduction of technologically superior and advanced smart solar solutions, it is changing the energy skyline of the country.

Let’s now understand how solar can help control rising energy costs.

Solar: Your solution for rising energy costs

As Pakistan grapples with increasing energy costs, its in the consumer’s best interests that they look towards alternative energy sources. At the forefront of the alternate energy options is solar energy; given its efficiency and its popularity in the country, solar is the best option when it comes to effectively managing the costs that you incur in consuming energy.

Let’s look at what makes solar energy such a lucrative option for controlling rising costs of energy.

i. Efficiency

The first and most major factor that makes solar energy such a deterrent against rising energy costs is the efficiency that it boasts and offers to consumers. Solar energy equipment is incredibly efficient and makes good use of the energy of the sun. Add in the fact that Pakistan is naturally blessed with not just all four weathers, but also with a very good exposure to sunlight around the year, and you can understand why solar is not just a good option in controlling your energy costs but is already a very popular way to bring down your bills as energy costs rise.

ii. Cost-effectiveness

Cost-effectiveness refers to the overall ROI that a consumer gets after installing a solar energy solution. Admittedly, solar energy solutions do come with a hefty price tag, and the upfront costs may turn some people away from solar energy, but the fact is, that once you start accruing the savings that solar offers, the ROI factor with solar energy is incredible.

Not only does the system pay for itself in record time, but it also stays profitable for at least two decades, ensuring that your investment in clean and sustainable energy stays so for a considerable time period.

iii. Scalability

Your energy needs are not supposed to be constant or static, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. As time passes, energy needs fluctuate, depending on a number of factors and household consumption usually increases. That means that a solar energy system installed five years ago might become insufficient to support the energy requirements of the household. Now, the good thing about solar energy systems is the fact that they are scalable; you can always add solar panels to the system to increase input, and similarly, upgrade your solar inverters and batteries to ramp up the production and the processing of all this energy. This means that your system will stay relevant throughout its long lifetime of 20+ years.

iv. Net-metering

Net-metering is usually enabled only on specific configurations of the solar energy systems. There are three main types of solar energy systems: on-grid, off-grid and hybrid. Out of these three, only two offer net-metering: on-grid and hybrid solar energy solutions. Net-metering enables you to sell your unused generated energy from the solar energy system to the grid (in this case, what is commonly known as WAPDA) for added incentive beyond just savings. With the right system, right load and ideal generation, net-metering could allow you to have negative bills, where the DISCO would essentially owe you money rather than charge you for electricity. So, net-metering is a great option that can help you make the most use of your solar energy solution.

The best solar energy solutions in Pakistan from Beacon Energy

As one of the best solar panel companies in Pakistan, Beacon Energy is on track to revolutionise the renewable energy skyline in Pakistan. With their state-of-the-art and cutting-edge solar energy solutions under the INTRIX flagship nameplate, Beacon Energy is looking to bring the best of solar energy to Pakistan, allowing clean, renewable and sustainable energy to enrich the lives of the people. Given the grid unreliability of the country and the rising energy prices, its high time that solar energy benefitted the people, and Beacon Energy is making sure the the option for solar stays open for all.


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