Helping your neighbours go solar The BELPARTNER App

Areeba Khalil Published on February 23, 2024

Referral applications for solar energy systems are nothing new. In fact, Pakistan has its fair share of them; they might be a rare breed, but some companies take referring above and beyond and make it a rewarding experience to refer any person to solar energy. Since Beacon Energy is one of the foremost solar energy companies operating in Pakistan, complete with their flagship smart solar solution, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better referral app than theirs. Introducing BELPARTNER: the referral application that rewards the user for any or all successful referrals that conclude with a system agreement.

Part of a referral system designed by beacon Energy to help propagate the benefits and advantages of solar energy in a fast-developing country as Pakistan, in this blog, we will take you through the particulars of the BELPARTNER app, its intuitiveness and how you can use the BELPARTNER app to reward yourself with each successful referral. Lets get started.

BELPARTNER: Referrals made easy!

So, let us first start with the application itself. BELPARTNER, available for download for both App Store and Google Play Store, is the digital application, made as part of the referral programme from Beacon Energy. A referral application designed to allow users to refer their friends, family members and other contacts or acquaintances to solar from Beacon Energy, the application is incredibly intuitive and makes referrals an easy process without any downtime or tech savviness. Let’s look at the many features that the BELPARTNER application has that make it Pakistan’s best referral application for solar.

i. Intuitive, easy-to-use UI

The UI or user interface for the BELPARTNER application is incredibly easy to use and intuitive. It takes cues from other applications from the Beacon Energy portfolio, including the BELCONNECT application, and provides an interface that is easy to navigate and has all the necessary tools and shortcuts right there on the home screen. Not to mention the fact that all your important metrics and information are right on the app screen as well.

ii. Referral status dashboard

The referral status dashboard on the homepage is designed intuitively to give you a bird’s eye view of all your referrals; these are divided in three different statuses: Approved denoted by a green background, Contacted denoted by a yellow background, and Declined denoted by a red background. This makes it easy for you to keep track of your referrals and know in an instant what is the status of all your referrals.

iii. Record of earnings

As you refer more and more people successfully, the more you earn in rewards. The record of earnings keeps track of your earned rewards, and again, makes it easy for you to quickly view all the information you might need in gauging your record of earnings. This part of the application also provides a breakdown of the earnings, making it an incredibly useful feature of the application.

iv. Multi-language

The application supports both English and Urdu, allowing users to select whatever language they are most comfortable with and operate the application using said language. Both are optimized for mobile screen usage, so they are legible and clear.

v. 24/7 support

The application also provides 24/7, round-the-clock support for any queries you might have. Whether it’s technical support or questions on any other aspect that you might have, our dedicated team is here to help you with it.

vi. Secure login

The application also provides a secure login for users with complete options for sign in including email, phone number, Google account or Apple ID with email verification. Making this app a secure haven for your personal information.

How to refer using BELPARTNER App?

The referral process itself is incredibly simple and does not require much navigation through the application. Here is a quick breakdown of the BELPARTNER application usage in four easy steps.

1. Create your account

Using your credentials from Google, Apple, email or phone number, you will need to first create an account on the application and register yourself to the system.

2. Complete your account details

Once you have your account, start by completing all the other details that the application asks you for, including details required for future transactions.

3. Add your referral contact

Now, you can start adding your referrals for solar energy from Beacon Energy. You can either manually add them or use your phone’s Contacts application to fill out the referral form.

4. Status

Once you have submitted your referral contact, you can then check its status on the dashboard of the BELPARTNER application.

Beacon Energy: Energizing you with the golden goodness of the sun!

Beacon Energy, Pakistan’s foremost solar energy company, boasts an enhanced focus on quality and the provision of the best products and services for the consumer. By providing the people with smart solar solutions designed for maximum efficiency and decreasing consumption from grid, our systems will provide you energy reliability unlike ever before. Check out Beacon Energy and learn more about the solar skyline of Pakistan.


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