Ground or Roof mounted Solar Panels which one is better

Areeba Khalil Published on March 8, 2024

In the world of solar energy systems, there are essentially two ways to mount your solar panels. One approach utilizes the roof, because the sun exposure at the roof of a house is the maximum at any given point, and because it provides ample space to mount solar panels that receive sunlight throughout the vast majority of the day. The other method involves ground-based installation, wherein solar panels are mounted on the ground due to a lack of roof-space, or in other situations where ground-mounted solar panels might be more logical. Let’s look at both of these configurations and understand which one might be better.

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Roof-mounted solar panels: What is it?

The most common configuration for solar energy systems worldwide. As the name implies, roof-mounted solar energy systems involve an array of solar panels neatly arranged on a rooftop. Now, rooftops have traditionally been the number one spot for the PV modules, considering that the roof of any house is the part that is exposed the most to sunlight at any given time. The height of the house also helps, as surrounding architecture usually doesn’t pose the shading problem all too often, which might be a problem for the second configuration.

In the advantages section of roof-mounted solar, the first advantage is very much self-explanatory: the optimal use of roof space and the fact that this allows the solar panels to receive a constant stream of energy throughout the day. In any other configuration, the sunlight being received by the solar panels might be affected by various factors, including shading from nearby buildings, trees and other structures. On a rooftop, which is the highest point of a building, no such barriers exist, which makes the rooftop solar more efficient and energy-effective as it gets more sunlight, generating more electricity.

On the flip side, when solar is mounted on rooftops and other hard-to-get places, simple maintenance like wiping down the solar panels and cleaning them might become too difficult, and even professional maintenance teams might find it difficult to access the solar panels. Rooftop solar also has the unfortunate tendency to suffer from increased wear and tear due to the elements of extreme weather acting upon it, and while solar panels are very much resilient to such damage, it can still affect the life of the solar panels.

Ground-mounted solar panels: The particulars

Should roof space not be available, or not be enough for high-yield systems where a large number of solar panels might be used, the PV modules are then mounted on the ground, and nowhere is it more exemplified than in solar parks, which utilize a large amount of land and using ground-mounted solar, make use of barren spaces to produce renewable and clean energy. However, ground mounted solar isn’t just limited to solar parks; in places where roof space is minimal, is shared, or isn’t enough for solar panels to be installed, the subsequent course of action is usually to find a piece of land for ground-mounted solar energy solution.

The benefits of ground-mounted solar are obvious. First is the maintenance, which is obviously easy for ground-mounted solar panels, as even regular wipe downs and cleanings are easy since the solar panels are easily accessible. On the other hand, a larger area is usually available, as compared to rooftop solar, where more solar panels can be installed, and therefore, more energy generation is possible. The same principle is applied to solar parks, so the generation potential is incredible.

The drawbacks include the most common one: ground-based solar, when used in tight urban and residential spaces, can cause issues like shading or excessive debris accumulation, owing to the structures around the solar panels. High-rise buildings around the ground-mounted solar might block off access to sunlight during certain parts of the day, or trees around the solar panels might contribute to excessive debris (droppings, leaves, other organic waste). So, the space for ground-mounted solar might be limited in this regard.

Which is better for you?

The answer eventually boils down to your space considerations: if you have enough roof space, rooftop solar is better. Ground-based solar is usually only done in two cases: one, in high-yield solar parks, and where roof space might not be enough. In most residential and commercial cases, rooftop solar is used, so rooftop is the way to go for your solar energy solution.

Beacon Energy: The best solar energy solutions in Pakistan

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