Getting Accurate Quote for Solar Energy System installation complete Guide

Areeba Khalil Published on May 24, 2024

Solar energy systems are a great way to save big on your utility/ energy bills. They allow you to harness the power of the sun and energise your home, filling in for your energy requirements where the grid might otherwise fail. With a solar energy system like INTRIX from the best solar company in Islamabad, Beacon Energy, you can get more than just a good solar energy system. You can get a system that is AI- enabled, keeps track of both generation and consumption metrics and has a smart monitoring system that keeps everything in check. However, for some solar energy systems, installation can be a bit too expensive. While this might not be the case with INTRIX, it’s important that people know about installation of a solar energy system and what it entails. In this blog post, we will look at getting accurate estimates for solar energy system installation and what you need to do to ensure you aren’t getting ripped off.

One of the major downsides for some people is the cost associated with the installation of solar energy systems. These costs play a major role in the overall financing of the system, which is why, it is imperative that you get accurate estimates for installation. Let’s start with some tips that may be able to help you get the best possible price or quote for installation.

Getting accurate quotes for solar energy system installation: Tips

These tips will help ensure that you get the best and most feasible quotes for solar energy system installation.

i. Start by looking up quotes online

The one benefit of the internet is that you can look up and compare quotes for solar energy system installation without having to call multiple companies and their representatives. And it is a great way to start your hunt for a quote that doesn’t feel like getting ripped off. By searching online, you might find a complete solar energy solution provider that not only has great options for solar energy systems but also provides excellent installation services at a very reasonable price. While some companies are hesitant in disclosing their quotes, many online resources can help you find better and better quotes for your solar energy system installation service.

ii. Compare quotes

It is important to understand that if you get a quote that is close to your requirements, that certainly does not mean that the search for a better service should conclude. In fact, within the vicinity of your locality, you should easily be able to get closely-matching quotes that you can then compare to find out which one might be the best for your finances.

Getting one quote and then sticking with it isn’t feasible at all; instead, you might not be getting a quality service but rather a quick fix that necessarily doesn’t know how to properly install solar panels and commission the system. This will put your solar energy system at risk of damage later on.

iii. Look for quality service

While generally the reason behind obtaining numerous quotes from different service providers is to compare costs, it can also be done to compare services. The better-quality service might cost more, but in the end, your system will be installed professionally and will perform as advertised. On the other hand, a service that might be much more inexpensive might not have the requisite experience for installing and commissioning solar energy systems, and this could translate to disaster once the system actually starts operating. Therefore, price shouldn’t be everything when it comes to getting solar energy systems installed, and you should always look into the quality of the services being offered by checking out the reviews that a service has and by preferably visiting a few sites where the installation service might have had a role in.

iv. Look into financing options

When getting a solar energy system, there are many providers and solar companies in Pakistan that offer financing options to help ease the burden of the initial cost and the installation costs. You can always start by looking into whatever company you’re dealing with and check if they have any financing options that may ease the initial cost of solar energy.

Several companies also offer leasing options, and these may be able to make solar more accessible by spreading the cost of solar over time.

These financing options are a great way to also gauge a solar energy company and how they tend to interact with customers.

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