Everything you need to know about solar panel shading

Areeba Khalil Published on May 10, 2024

Within the realm of solar energy, there are few problems that are as pesky as solar panel shading. The problem with shading is that it can seemingly affect solar panels out of nowhere, reducing generation potential as the day progresses, while nothing on the surface seems to be wrong with the solar energy system itself, including the solar panels. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at solar panel shading: what it is, how does it affect PV modules, and how you can get rid of solar panel shading for optimal solar energy efficiency throughout the day. This is everything you need to know about solar panel shading: causes, effects, and solutions.

For starters, solar panel shading in Pakistan can be common, especially in residential settings. Whereas commercial sites may have fewer shading issues since building height and neighbourhood skylines are regulated, in residential settings, things like trees can be the worst offenders. Add in an uneven residential skyline and haphazard plotting that some places might have, and suddenly, shading can become a really big issue for your solar energy system. However, it’s the best solar companies in Pakistan like Beacon Energy that can ensure that even in the most challenging installation environment, your solar energy system performs efficiently. Let’s now look at what solar panel shading is.

Solar panel shading: What is it?

As the name implies, solar panel shading happens when during a certain time of the day, a shade falls on the solar panels, causing them to lose their efficiency since there is very little direct sunlight to work with. While initially during the day it might not be apparent, as the day passes and the sun changes its position, surrounding structures like buildings, trees or communication towers (in commercial settings) might cast a shadow on the panel, removing the panel’s access to direct sunlight, causing solar energy generation to experience a dip until the shade goes away.

As one can expect, solar panel shading can be very troubling. While there are no apparent issues that might affect generation, with shading, your solar panels will produce less energy, and as a result your solar energy generation metrics will experience a considerable decrease. This means that it might be time to call your solar energy company and work out a solution to the issue.

Solar panel shading: Prevention

Top solar companies in Rawalpindi and Pakistan like Beacon Energy do their due homework to ensure no such problem occurs after the system has been installed.

For this, the optimal trajectory of the sun throughout the day and especially during the peak sunlight hours (during noon or afternoon) is calculated beforehand, and the perfect spot for receiving the maximum sunlight during peak hours is identified. Then, the area which will allow for maximum sunlight with zero to no shading will be identified as the final installation site, and this is where solar panels will be installed.

In residential areas, as trees grow around the solar panel or new constructions or additions are added to the area around the solar panels, the issue of solar panel shading can potentially come up. However, with uniform regulations for constructions and regular lawncare and maintenance, you can ensure that such issues with shading don’t occur as often, and your solar energy system keeps performing at efficiency levels beyond par.

Solar panel shading: The solution

With Pakistan’s unfortunate law and order situation, and the fact that housing regulations aren’t strictly enforced and may result in a house next to yours whose shadow could be causing solar panel shading for your solar energy system, there are still solutions that can help you continue getting the most out of your solar energy system.

i. Bypass diodes

With solar panels connected in a string, the problem with shading is that even if a singular panel is affected by shading, the entire array can experience reduced generation. This is why shading can be really problematic, since it reduces energy generation by a lot. This is where bypass diodes can help. These are small devices within the solar module that can allow for current to essentially pass over the shaded panel or area, which means that the generating cells within a panel will still be able to transfer their energy, allowing for the energy generation to not be affected by shading.

ii. Power optimisers

Power optimisers work in tandem with string inverters, another useful device for preventing shading-related issues with solar panels. These are installed within the solar energy system to help enhance the solar energy generation at the panel level; this means that even if there is one partially-shaded panel in the array, the generation wont still be affected and the overall efficiency of the system will remain the same.

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