Dissecting the rising popularity of Solar Energy in Pakistan

Areeba Khalil Published on May 10, 2024

Solar energy in Pakistan is fast gaining widespread popularity. While there might be many reasons for that sudden rise in popularity and usage, the simple matter of fact is this: its not just Pakistan, but a global resurgence in the usage of renewable energy has resulted in solar energy getting a big boost. It also helps that out of all sources of renewable energy, solar energy is the only viable option that has not only been the cornerstone, the poster child for renewable, clean energy, but is seeing multiple industrial and technological advancements being made. Even in Pakistan, newer solar panel, solar inverter and solar energy technologies are being introduced everyday, contributing to the rise of solar energy and renewable energy in general.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the rising popularity of solar energy in the country, and what role the top solar companies in Pakistan like Beacon Energy play for the dissemination and advancement of renewable energy in a country like ours. Let’s get started.

Pakistan: An energy overview

As a developing country, it is important to understand Pakistan’s energy overview to help explain why renewable energy like solar has gained so much traction in the shortest time now. Pakistan, despite its burgeoning population, its nascent tech sector and its fast-paced economy has a lot of energy problems to deal with. For starters, the energy infrastructure including the transmission and dispatch infrastructure suffers from everything to huge line losses due to poor maintenance to improper planning. Even more dire than that is the woeful condition of blackouts and rolling schedules of loadshedding that grip the country, especially during the electricity-intensive season of summer.

This means that the growth of alternative energy sources was almost a given from the day solar energy was introduced to the country. Now, as advancements are being made in the realm of solar energy, Pakistan as a country is ripe for the benefits that solar has to provide.

These aforementioned reasons are essentially the mainstay of solar energy in Pakistan: the grid essentially forces people to look elsewhere for their energy needs, and lucky for them, solar energy happens to be both efficient and widespread, giving them a solution to the otherwise glaring problem.

Commercial solar in Pakistan

One of the biggest consumers of solar energy in Pakistan is the commercial sector, which also includes the mighty industrial sector. With hosts of industries sparsely located throughout the country, solar energy once again provides an avenue for clean, renewable energy that not only energises the premises but also puts Pakistan’s commercial and industrial sector on track towards the sustainability and green energy initiative undertaken by countries across the globe. By introducing better, efficient, and inexpensive sources of renewable energy in our national consumption, especially in such a power-intensive sector like industry, Pakistan and its commercial sector is on track to work their way towards complete energy reliability with solar energy. And, at the helm, it is the best solar companies in Pakistan like Beacon Energy that are helping this transition towards renewable energy by providing an impressive array of innovative products as well as incredible services.

Residential solar in Pakistan

Pakistan’s burgeoning population and its troublesome grid have created the perfect storm for renewable energy sources like solar to grow. As the population grows considerably and our energy requirements continue to balloon, the grid has proven itself to be incredibly unreliable, and more than once has caused trouble for remote professionals, that our IT sector depends upon so much. Which is why, Pakistan has seen as explosion in the growth of residential solar, and this can be explained by the sharp rise in demand for solar energy products that are efficient and take away the issues of the grid: namely, energy insecurity. Pakistan’s grid unfortunately is very unreliable, and this has allowed solar energy to fill in the gap, providing reliable energy to homes across the country. Once again, the best solar company in Islamabad, Beacon Energy, is at the forefront of this solar revolution, helping homes get energized efficiently with state-of-the-art solar energy solutions designed to provide maximum efficiency.

Beacon Energy: Pakistan’s fastest growing solar company

With their revolutionary new INTRIX HV, which doubles down on the already amazing INTRIX for increased efficiency and power generation, Beacon Energy is looking to bring the best of solar to Pakistan. With an exceptional product line and a penchant for the provision of impeccable services including NOC and with BELCONNECT, you get more than a solar energy solution with Beacon Energy. You get a smart system that energises your home and never leaves you without energy.


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