Comprehensive Solar Energy System warranty 2024 with Beacon Energy

Areeba Khalil Published on June 14, 2024

One of the great things about solar energy solutions and arguably one of their main selling points is the fact that they are incredibly robust and resilient. Designed to perform efficiently for more than three decades or thirty years, one can begin to understand just how much engineering and research goes into each individual part of the system, from the solar panels to the solar inverters and batteries etc. In this blog post, we’ll look at arguably the great thing about solar energy systems: the warranties that they come with. More specifically, we’ll look at the warranties that Beacon Energy, one of the top solar companies of Islamabad, offers with their solar energy solutions for consumers, enticing them towards the prospect of clean, green and renewable energy. Besides the warranty that comes with the system, there are many other things that make a strong case for solar energy systems; efficiency, utility and the fact that with solar energy installed, there really is no concern for inflated billing, even during the harshest summers because solar energy provides excess energy for when you need it. But lets discuss solar energy system warranties in Pakistan and understand what the hype is all about.

Solar Energy System warranties in Pakistan with Beacon Energy

First, we tackle the question of why solar energy systems from Beacon Energy come with extensive warranties to help buyers ground more confidence in their investment. For starters, the warranty is seen as a way to in still confidence in the purchasers of solar energy solutions, considering the high initial costs that are usually associated with such systems. This warranty helps consumers realise that not only is the equipment and the entire system manufactured to the highest possible standard but is also robust and reliable enough to easily cover the solar payback period and still remain efficient enough for the next two or three decades to keep generating solar energy and keeping the premises energized without any additional cost at all.

There are essentially two types of warranties that Beacon Energy offers for its complete solar energy solutions in Pakistan: product warranties and workmanship warranties. Lets delve deeper into the understanding of these two warranties and understand what both of these bring to the consumers.

Product warranties:

Product warranties cover the manufacturing and the quality of the product and protect the customer from any underlying damage or any issue that arises during the production of the product. For instance, with Beacon Energy, consumers get a product warranty of 25 years for the solar panels, which means that the solar panels are essentially protected and insured against both physical damage as well as loss of power generation capacity for more than two decades.

Furthermore, regarding product warranties, Beacon Energy also offers a five-year warranty on solar inverters to further ensure that consumers get the most out of each part of their solar energy solution. This warranty is designed to, once again, instill confidence in the users for the ability and the longevity of the equipment included in the overall system.

Workmanship warranties:

Workmanship warranties are designed to provide a holistic coverage of warranty for solar energy solutions. While product warranties typically refer to a singular aspect or equipment within the system, workmanship warranties are applied on the entire system, and are designed to ensure that the entire solar energy system is guaranteed for exceptional and efficient performance by the company. Beacon Energy offers a workmanship warranty of 10 years with their complete solar energy solutions, which essentially means that your system will be protected for a decade against any issue in the quality of the manufacturing of the system, including quality control problems. Workmanship warranties are put in place to further instill confidence in the overall manufacturing of the system, and in tandem with the product warranties, put the consumer at ease regarding the potential costs of maintenance or replacement should anything go wrong with the solar energy solution.

In a nutshell,

While warranties come with a number of products and are designed to ensure consumer confidence in products, Beacon Energy takes things several notches further and offers two different warranties on two aspects of their solar energy solutions. They offer product warranties on individual parts and equipment pieces of the system, including a 25-year warranty on the solar panels and a 5-year warranty on the solar inverter. In terms of workmanship warranty, the top solar company in Pakistan offers a 10-year warranty on workmanship for the entire system.

Beacon Energy: Makes all the difference!

Solar energy is on a boom in Pakistan, and Beacon Energy takes pride in the fact that it is one of the best solar companies in Pakistan offering extensive solutions and services to ensure the country gets the best of solar. Trust Beacon Energy to make a solid case for renewable energy in the country.


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