Challenges for Solar Energy Industry of Pakistan in 2024

Areeba Khalil Published on May 24, 2024

The solar energy industry of Pakistan, despite its recent highs and the boom of demand and its subsequent growth, is still quite nascent and requires much more input from the best solar companies in Pakistan. Now is the time when the trajectory for solar energy is being set in the country, and while everything might look rosy and good for the time being, it is important to note here that there are still some challenges that are being faced by the industry at large that need to be addressed in order to ensure a much better and conducive environment for solar energy as it grows. In this blog post, we will look at the challenges that solar energy faces in Pakistan in 2024, and what can be done to address these challenges effectively.

With the best solar company in Pakistan like Beacon Energy, such challenges can effectively be dealt with, and with an emphasis on customer satisfaction, solar energy can find much better inroads to make Pakistan a haven for clean, green, sustainable energy that keeps the country and its people energized for generations to come.

Let’s start by looking at what challenges the solar energy industry faces in Pakistan.

Challenges for Solar Energy industry in Pakistan

While solar energy in Pakistan is a fast-growing market, it still has its fair share of issues that could potentially hinder the development of the alternative energy source. It’s the best solar companies in Pakistan like Beacon Energy that are helping find a sustainable solution to these challenges. But what exactly are these challenges? Let’s take a look.

i. Initial/ upfront costs

Solar energy is affordable because it provides an extensive savings option that helps people save big on their energy and utility bills. However, while all of this may sound rosy, it isn’t all that perfect: solar energy systems are notorious for having exorbitantly high upfront or initial costs.

That includes the cost of solar energy equipment like solar panels, solar inverters and the installation as well. However, there are many financing schemes and offers provided companies like Beacon Energy that not only offset the high initial costs, but also make it so that the entire proposition of having a solar energy system installed on your home or office premises becomes a more affordable and feasible proposition.

ii. Grid integration issues

Pakistan, for all of its natural resources and the potential it has, still struggles excessively with energy issues. While there are many underlying issues that contribute to this very serious problem like transmission and dispatch issues, grid losses and infrastructure reliability issues, the endpoint is that the grid is highly unstable and very unreliable. Now, while an unreliable grid might become the reason for solar energy to catch on in the country, it also means that solar energy users utilising advanced features like net-metering will face hurdles in ensuring that such processes do actually work and are beneficial for the consumer. In Pakistan, energy generation is a profitable business, and as such, grid integration for solar is delayed as much as possible, and the process for enabling net-metering on the system and ensuring that the distribution company actually follows through with the agreement can be a bit difficult.

iii. Rooftop placement/ Installation issues

Solar energy systems are a simple answer to the problem of energy unreliability. A couple of solar panels installed on the roof that generate free, clean and reliable energy. However, there are some environmental factors that can affect the generation of solar energy. As construction processes in Pakistan aren’t regulated and uniform, this means that a lot of rooftops aren’t actually suitable for the installation of solar panels, or, in some cases, the surrounding structures like buildings may not make it so that solar panels can be installed and a reasonable exposure to sunlight can be expected. This means that before a solar energy system can actually be installed, due diligence needs to be done in ensuring that the solar panels actually receive the adequate level of sunlight imperative for efficient generation of energy. The good part is that the best solar companies in Pakistan like Beacon Energy take a special approach to ensuring that your solar panels and the system as a whole outputs efficiently.

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