Beacon Energy The best solar company in Karachi

Areeba Khalil Published on May 31, 2024

Pakistan has been very conducive to the spread of solar energy, and this mostly in part due to the grid energy problems that plague the country. From an unreliable grid to a transmission network that is simply outdated and needs to be modernized, solar energy has found a growing haven where the newest technologies have found both demand and appreciation. While many solar energy companies have therefore set up shop in Pakistan and especially Karachi, owing to its burgeoning population and its ever-evolving energy demands, there can only be one best solar company in Karachi, and in this blog, we’ll let you know why Beacon Energy deserves the moniker of the best solar company in Karachi.

Starting from the two cornerstones of what makes for a great solar energy company in Karachi, let’s start by looking at the products that Beacon Energy has that make it the top solar company in Karachi.

Beacon Energy: The best solar energy company in Karachi

Starting with the product section, Beacon Energy boasts one of Pakistan’s most innovative and comprehensive solar energy solution, in the form of INTRIX and the newly introduced INTRIX HV. Let’s look at the product range that makes Beacon Energy the top solar company in Karachi.

Beacon Energy: The Product Range

The flagship INTRIX is a smart, all-in-one solar energy solution that is designed to provide an uninterrupted power supply using solar, grid and battery power. It comes with an inverter, a smart battery and an advanced AI power management system that boasts amazing features that make up Pakistan’s smartest hybrid solar energy solution. Here is a quick overview of INTRIX and what it does.

  • Intelligent Self Consumption and Feed-into the Grid
  • AI-augmented management of backup energy and peak tariff offset
  • Smart Battery Charger for Optimized Battery Performance and Life
  • Built-in Zero Export Device and Energy Meter
  • Multiple Inverter Configuration
  • Cloud Connectivity via Wi-Fi
  • Integrated with Auto Load Transfer Switch
  • Smart and Optimized Real-time Load Consumption
  • Intelligent Charging
  • Smart Feed into the Grid
  • Backup Power During Outages
  • INTRIX HV further doubles down on the efficiency aspect of the solar energy solution providing users with a high voltage solution to the energy crises of Pakistan.

    Now, lets look at the services section of Beacon Energy that puts it on the top spot for one of the top solar companies in Karachi.

    Beacon Energy: The services

    With their NOC or network operations centre and BELCONNECT working in tandem with each other for the ultimate in solar energy monitoring services, its no wonder that Beacon Energy, as one of the top solar companies in Karachi, has received excellent input for its services.

    Starting with the BELCONNECT application, designed as a partner app for your INTRIX system, here’s all you need to know about it.

    BELCONNECT: The particulars

    Designed to give you complete control and visibility of your INTRIX smart solar solution, BELCONNECT has everything you need for the ultimate solar energy system. Available on all mobile and desktop platforms, the application can be downloaded from either Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store and connected seamlessly to your system.

    What does the BELCONNECT app do? Let’s take a quick look

  • Cost saving calculation
  • Expected and actual energy generation
  • Realtime Power Flow
  • Solar energy utilization overview
  • Energy sources overview
  • Peak hour energy sources overview
  • System information
  • History
  • Ticket entry and tracking
  • NOC is Beacon Energy’s exceptional real-time monitoring system that constantly monitors your solar energy solution to keep in view all metrics and to troubleshoot problems that may surface during operation of the system. With 24/7 real-time monitoring and a standby troubleshooting system, with NOC and BELCONNECT, your INTRIX is always connected, always secure and always under the watchful eyes of the best solar company in Karachi.

    Beacon Energy: Best solar energy company in Karachi

    Beacon Energy is the best solar company in Karachi because of its unique and highly innovative products as well as its aftersales services, wherein Beacon Energy is a class-leading service provider. Their product range, comprising of the INTRIX and INTRIX HV, are unrivalled in Pakistan. Their comprehensive aftersales service includes their NOC team, which monitors the INTRIX system 24/7 and is on-call to provide troubleshooting and advice to clients if they have any issues with the system. Their team mobilization is prompt and quick; and issues are typically resolved within the next 12 hours to ensure the system stays online. That is what makes Beacon Energy the best solar company in Karachi.


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