Are there peak times of the day when solar is at its most efficient

Areeba Khalil Published on June 28, 2024

Solar energy works best when the panels have direct contact with sunlight. More specifically, when sunlight hits the panels at just the right angle, allowing the solar panels to churn out energy much more efficiently than any other part of the day. These are known as solar peak times, and for many, this is where your solar energy system really proves its efficiency and its ability to generate energy by utilising sunlight much more efficiently. In this blog post, we will look at whether or not there are actual peak times when solar energy is at its most efficient, and what those times are during winters and summers so consumers may be able to utilize solar energy at its best during each season. With Beacon Energy, experience the best of solar. From smart solar energy solutions to the most comprehensive aftersales services in Pakistan, Beacon Energy is the best solar company in Pakistan, boasting its INTRIX product range with smart features and AI-powered system that makes going solar all the more beneficial and efficient. Experience solar unlike ever before with Beacon Energy, purveyors of the best solar energy system in Pakistan.

Peak Solar Hours: The concept

Solar energy works when sunlight hits the surface of the solar panels, where there are numerous solar cells. When sunlight hits these solar cells, they release a stream of electrons, which, when combined with the output of all the other solar cells within the panel, forms the current that a solar panel as a holistic entity churns out. For this entire equation to work, sunlight is key, and is needed to hit the solar panel at exactly the right angle to help with the generation of energy from the solar cells.

As one can guess, both the time a solar panel receives sunlight and the intensity of the sunlight itself are very crucial to the optimal and efficient generation of solar energy from the panels. This is where the concept of peak solar times comes in:

this is the time when the sunlight is at its most intense, and hits the solar panels at the right angle, minimizing reflection and allowing for complete absorption of the sunlight into the solar cells. This time period, generically understood as that of noon and a brief part of the afternoon, is the window of peak solar hours and is the time when solar energy generation is at its peak, with the solar panels churning much of their output for the day during these hours.

What are the peak solar hours?

Peak solar hours, in Pakistan, vary from season to season. More specifically, peak solar hours vary in the summer, when sunlight is extreme and contributes to massive temperature spikes throughout the season. Winter, when the sunlight is more tamed and the time solar panels get exposed to sunlight is much more limited, has its own peak solar hours, and while solar energy generation in winters is obviously capped and restrained due to the temperature and the climate, the peak solar hours during winters are still productive enough to offset any difference that may otherwise affect the generation during winters.

Lets start by looking at what the peak solar hours are during summers and winters in Pakistan.

Peak solar hours during summer days:

During summer, while sunlight is available throughout the day and temperatures spike up from the start of the day, the peak solar hours usually don’t start until 1o or 11 am and then go all the way upto 4pm in the afternoon. This means that throughout the day, these hours allow for maximum solar energy generation helped by the fact that both the temperature and the sunlight exposure are at their peak during these hours. If the solar panels are installed in such a manner and at such an angle that they are able to maximise their exposure to sunlight during these hours, you will get the best possible efficiency out of your solar panels.

Peak solar hours during winter Days: Winters are an entirely different equation

when it comes to solar energy generation. The peak hours during winter shift from around 11am to 3pm in the noon, and this reduced peak hour window represents the sharp drop in solar energy generation during the winters overall. However, by optimizing the installation angle and the reception of the sunlight, winters can be made out as equally efficient.

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