5KW Hybrid Solar System Price in Pakistan

Areeba Khalil Published on Sep 21, 2022

With electricity prices on the rise in Pakistan, the masses are finding it challenging now more than ever to pay off their electricity bills. Additionally, intermittent power cuts and power failures are causing problems for most of Pakistan's industries. To cope with the current distress situation solar panels in Pakistan have become increasingly popular due to their efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

The price of 5KW hybrid solar system is the most commonly asked question we receive. This is because this system is capable of producing 20KW of units each day which can power up appliances like 1.5 ton inverter AC, Refrigerators, and Fans. With Beacon Energy Smart Solar Solution, you get the best price for a 5KW solar system and complete Net Metering implementation.

It is important to consider the average amount of energy spent by a family every month when deciding how large of a solar system to buy. Family households using a minimal amount of electricity on a monthly basis are the most likely to use a 5KW solar system.

We need to understand that 5Kw hybrid solar systems offer two options. It offers net metering along with battery backup. This type of solar inverter is more expensive than the other types due to the extra equipment and features it includes. 5000 watt solar system price in Pakistan keeps on changing. Numerous factors must be considered, including, for example, the size of the battery, the size of the inverter, and the location. A highly reasonable price can be found at Beacon Energy Smart Solar Solutions when it comes to buying the best 5KW solar system in Pakistan.


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