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BEL Connect is a robust monitoring and support app designed to give you complete visibility over your INTRIX. The app is available on all mobile and desktop platforms.

  • Cost Saving
  • Actual Vs Expected Generation
  • Realtime Power flow
  • Solar Energy Utilization Overview
  • Energy Sources Overview
  • Peak Hour Energy Sources Overview
  • Outages Served
  • Battery Information
  • Buy and Sell Energy
  • Environmental Benefits
  • Historical Data
  • Complain Tickets entry and Tracking
  • Faults and Alert
  • Multiple Plants Single Dashboard

Realtime Power flow.

Real-Time Power flow gives you an insight into the energy mix for your consumption so that you can see how much solar power is being generated, the battery is being charged or discharged, or whether the grid is exporting or importing power to run your load.


Multiple Plants Single Dashboard.

Multiple Plant single dashboard helps you view all plants on one page summarizing real-time power flow, solar generation, consumption, cost savings, energy generation overview, energy sources overview, peak hours consumption overview, actual vs expected generation and historic graph.


Cost Saving.

BEL Connect helps you calculate the estimated cost you saved by generating solar energy and discharging lithium-ion batteries to avoid high tariff rates during peak hours.


Actual Vs Expected Generation.

BEL connect helps you track the performance of your solar PV plant by updating you with the actual energy is generated every passing day to achieve the expected generation. The expected value can vary depending on many different factors such as weather conditions, irradiance, temperature, soiling effect, and grid synchronization so because of which the actual generation can be greater or less than the expected value.


Energy Overview.

To meet load demand, grids, solar, and batteries power at different intervals and scenarios for continuous power supply. An energy source overview can help you analyze the relationship between each energy source's contribution to consumption and balance the load pattern accordingly.

Solar Energy Utilization

Solar energy can be utilized to energize your load, charge your batteries, or export energy depending on the power management plan but in which ratio this energy was distributed among load, grid and battery is shown by the solar energy utilization overview graph.

Peak Hour Energy Sources

During Peak hours high tariff is charged for each unit you consume which contributes to the major part of your electricity bill. Peak Hour Energy Sources will define the portion of the grid and battery to run your load in peak hours.


BEL Support.

BEL Support holds immense importance in BEL Connect Application as the relationship with customers doesn’t end with transactions here. You can directly call NOC resources to get support and register your complaint 24/7. Complain tickets can be registered on a mobile application by the customer itself and the complete ticket list can be viewed along with their status.


Faults and Alerts.

Any kind of fault or warnng that occures in the Solar PV plant will be notified to the customer and NOC for it's earliest recovery to avoid any downtime



Filters are incorporated for the customers with a multi-plant dashboard. Filters can help you sort your data according to your category, You can filter your dashboard with respect to Company, Plant, Plant Type, Province & City.