Why is it important to clean your solar panels?

22 September

Solar panels work on the photovoltaic effect, which means that they generate power when the sunlight hits the surface of the solar panel, knocking loose electrons within the panel sandwich which form the electric charge that can then be consumed by the household. As you can expect then, the receiving end of solar energy needs to always have a clean surface, otherwise the power generation is just not going to be all that good. Keeping your solar panels clean is important, and today, we’ll be looking at why is it important to clean your solar panels and the best way to clean solar panels.

While solar energy systems and solar panels are billed as maintenance-free, the fact is that solar panels are always exposed to the environment. Dust, droppings, leaves and all sorts of environmental pollutants can get on the surface of the solar panel, which can cause it to lose its efficiency, since not all of the surface can then be reached by the solar energy. As such, you need solar panel cleaning equipment and knowledge of the best way to clean solar panels. Lets look at the aforementioned and also look at some solar panel companies in Islamabad and the best solar panel in Pakistan.

Why should you clean your solar panels?

Let’s first look at why you should clean your solar panels.

  • Maintain efficiency
  • Your solar panels are incredibly energy efficient. At around 25 per cent, they boast the highest efficiency that the solar industry has to date. As such, you should be able to reap the benefits from it. Cleaning your solar panels every now and then will remove any grime or dust from the surface of the solar panels, which will bring them back to their original efficiency. With these elements on the solar panel, the sunlight may not properly reach the surface, which will result in a reduced efficiency and generation from your solar panels.

  • Increase life, durability
  • Sand, dust and any other pollutants that may fall on the surface of the solar panel get stuck to it. When enough of this material is accumulated on the panel, the subsequent wear and tear may affect the life of the solar panel. To keep that from happening and to increase the life and durability of the solar panel, you need to wipe down the panel every now and then to ensure any dust or particles are not accumulating on the surface of the panel. Once you do that, you will have panels that will actually last more than 20 or 25 years.

  • Warranty requirements
  • Some solar panel warranties might require the occasional wipe down to ensure that the panel stays clean and operating to its maximum capacity. If you fail to do so, and should anything happen to the panel while it may have been neglected for extended periods of time, the warranty will be voided, and you might be left with quite a hefty bill or an expensive solar panel that does not work efficiently anymore. That is certainly not saying that solar panels are delicate; however, they can get damaged by environmental factors and neglect will play a good part in it should that happen.

  • Improves ROI
  • ROI is return on investment. Your solar energy system, and by extension, your solar panels are an investment that you have made, and you expect a fair amount of return from it in the form of solar energy. Since delayed maintenance can result in reduced efficiency, you’re not getting the best ROI from your solar panels at all, which isn’t ideal at all. Therefore, periodic maintenance will ensure that you get the best and maximum possible RoI from your solar energy system.

  • For aesthetic purposes
  • Lastly, although this reason is not all that important, its still something that needs to be listed. Dirty, old-looking solar panels on the rooftop do not look good at all, in fact, they might play an opposite role in making your house or property look all high-tech with the addition of solar panels. The occasional wipe down and clean-up will have them looking like new, enhancing the look of your home as well.

    The best way to clean your solar panels

    When it comes to cleaning your solar panels, you don’t actually need solar panel cleaning equipment per se. There are no specific things that need to be bought for that purpose. Just a soft cloth, some liquid cleaning agent that is non-corrosive, and some water will be enough to clean up any dirt or grime on the solar panels. Wipe down with a small, hand-held wiper and your solar panels will be clean, looking new and ready to operate at their maximum efficiency.

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