Solar solutions for home

Solar solutions for home
21 Dec

There is a regular increase in the price of electricity after certain intervals, which is adversely damaging this sector in general. Aside from that, we still face the risk of power outages, especially during the long summer season. Solar solutions for homes offer a variety of benefits to their owners compared to traditional sources of energy.

Home solar solutions in Pakistan are the most reliable way to replace conventional energy and reduce grid dependency as a result of the above-mentioned situation.

Pakistan's electricity and energy sector are one of the industries whose funding and resources are declining day by day. Beacon Energy Caters to all sorts of rising requirements of the residential sector. The engineering, installation, commissioning, and consultancy provided by Beacon Energy is tailored to your needs. With practical experience implementing commercial and residential solar projects, the company offers solar solutions for a variety of different needs.

Our residential clients can choose between two main types of residential solutions:

  • Hybrid Solar Solution:
  • During Pakistan's unpredictable load-shedding hours, residential hybrid solar systems are used to provide backup power during this time.

  • Grid-tied Solar Solution:
  • As the name implies, grid-tied solar systems are always connected to the electric grid. Grid-tied solar systems allow consumers to use solar panels while supplementing their electricity needs from the grid. They are the most cost-effective solar solutions currently available.

Anyone looking for a long-term, low-risk investment that reduces their monthly utility bills should consider installing a home solar system as it has a lot of other benefits:

  • Purchasing a solar energy system will likely increase your home's value, as solar panels are considered upgrades, like remodeling the kitchen or finishing the basement. The cost of a solar home is higher than that of a traditional house.
  • A further benefit of solar power is it substantially reduces greenhouse gas emissions like CO2, along with other harmful pollutants like sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, and particulates.
  • Having access to electricity and self-sustaining power generation allows homeowners with solar systems to cope with short and extended grid outages caused by weather and climate changes, wildfires, maintenance procedures, etc.

Get a solar energy system installed with Beacon Energy and you can earn credit in addition to reducing electricity bills. Your energy consumption can be credited if it's less than what the solar energy system produces by sending surplus energy back to the grid.