How long does it take to install solar panels?

27 October

Several misconceptions exist within the solar energy industry, and some of are related to solar panel installation services. More specifically, the fact that it is commonly thought that installing solar panels is a multi-day job requiring the use of extensive machinery and personnel. Yes, that is the case if you are installing solar panels for a commercial or industrial application with several megawatts of outputs. However, for your average residential solar energy system, solar panel installation services do not take that long. Let’s take a look at how long does it take to install solar panels.

Alongside this, we’ll also be taking a look at solar panel installation companies in Pakistan and the best solar company in Pakistan that provides solar panel installation in Islamabad and beyond. Getting a good solar company in Pakistan is imperative; you get the best equipment and services possible, guaranteeing you get the most use out of your solar energy system.

Let’s start with how long does it take to install solar panels.

How long does it take to install solar panels?

Depending on the system size, which will then dictate the number of solar panels that will be installed, the more panels you’ve got, the more time it will take.

However, for your average residential solar energy system, where only a couple of solar panels are installed, the average installation time is around 3-6 hours. That is a far cry from what the average person thinks of the installation times for solar panels; the truth is, its not all that complex hooking up a couple of solar panels to the solar energy system.

Even in solar panel installation, the majority of time is spent on putting down and installing the mounts on the roof, which is the real crux of the job. As far as solar panels are concerned, they only need to be attached to the mounts, which will then determine the angle at which the panels will rest. Since a residential solar energy system requires less number of panels, your installation job will be pretty quick and the solar panels will be installed in around 6 hours.

Installing solar panels for commercial/ industrial systems

However, when it comes to commercial systems or in some places where the classification is necessary, industrial systems, you will have high-output setups designed to complement the enormous energy requirements of the premises. As such, the number of solar panels required here will correspond to the system size, and as you will, the installation time is usually more than the residential system.

On average, a commercial solar panel installation will take around three days, provided that the weather conditions and other factors stay ideal and do not interfere with the installation process.

So, the difference between solar panel installation time for residential and commercial systems differ a lot; whereas one will be done within a couple of hours, depending on the load, the commercial system and its solar panels will take more time, around three days, which, despite the number of panels, is still very impressive.

How long before the solar energy system is up and running?

While your solar panels will only take a short amount of time for installation, for the entire solar energy system to go online and start generating energy, the waiting time might be a little bit more. This is because there are a lot of local regulations and bureaucratic processes that need to be followed and conformed to before the system may go online; for instance, if you have a hybrid solar energy system, net metering needs to be approved of by the local distribution company, and only after that, will you be able to use the solar energy system. So, do bear this in mind when getting a solar energy system, especially in Pakistan.

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