Pro Tips for Selecting a Reliable Solar Panel Installation Company in Pakistan

25 August

Now that you’ve finally got the best solar energy system possible, complete with the most efficient solar panels and the whole nine yards, here’s the thing: who’s supposed to install the system now? If it were that easy, every solar panel installation service would be a good one. And that is certainly not the case, in Pakistan anyway. Entrusting your costly solar panels and other solar energy equipment to quacks can be very risky, so, here’s six tips on finding the best solar panel installation company that can do your shiny new system justice.

As to why its unwise to hand over the installation job to unqualified teams is pretty much self-explanatory. While solar energy equipment isn’t exactly delicate, wrong installation or faulty processes could seriously affect the performance of the system, and in certain cases, could even result in accidental fires and whatnot.

Which is why, it is recommended that good solar panel installation services be contracted for this purpose. Let’s look at the six tips that you need to keep in mind while in the market for solar panel installation companies in Pakistan.

Tips for choosing the best solar panel installation service

The best solar panel installation service will quite simply, be a team of professionals that takes it upon itself to ensure that the solar energy system is efficient, installed in a proper manner that is both practical and aesthetic and ensures that no damage is meted out to the equipment, including solar panels, during the process of installation. Finding such a team is not difficult at all; you just need to know the right pointers. Here are the six pointers.

  • Compare the contenders
  • The first thing that you need to do is compare the options you have got in the vicinity. Settling on the first one you get isn’t feasible; searching more might come up with better results, teams that might charge less. Comparing allows you to pick the best in the business from the lot. Especially in Pakistan, where handymen, while plentiful, aren’t all that technical. Therefore, out of the choices you do have, try to compare, and then go for the one that affords the best balance of both cost and professional efficacy.

  • Ratings and reviews matter
  • With solar panel installation companies, you should always look them up on the internet and read what kind of reviews or ratings they might be pulling. That is essential; some things may look good on paper, like some solar panel installation services, but the real picture is in the reviews; how they have worked with previous customers before yourself. And this is where you may formulate your decision; usually, when a service has good reviews and good ratings, chances are, they are a good service, and vice versa.

  • Consult with existing customers
  • If ratings are not good enough for you, many solar panel installation services, especially the good ones, will gladly give you the names of their previous customers for their testimonials on how good a service they have. If that is the case, this will also help you make a well-informed decision over which service to go with and why you want to go with it. In short, go for customer testimonials.

  • Check the team’s track record, qualifications
  • Once you’re convinced that the team is good, you can hand them your panels over and start the process, or, for added safety and ensuring you get the literal best solar panel installation service, you can further amplify the vetting process and check the team’s track record and qualifications. This will help you get a further grip on the kind of service you will be getting, and what to expect from the solar panel installation service once they get to the job.

  • Run the basics with the team
  • Now that the team is onboard, all you need to do is clear any questions you might have from them. Solar energy equipment installation isn’t all that easy, and there is a good chance that you will have some questions regarding the process, or just some really basic stuff that you would like to know about. In that case, it would be better to run the basics with the team beforehand, so that any misconceptions or concerns you might have will be allayed by the solar panel installation service.

  • Build a great rapport
  • While this is something usually taught to the solar panel installation team, this is also something that customers should know and practice. Know that you will need the team for yearly maintenance; plus, if anything goes wrong at any time, the first person you will call will be from the solar panel installation company. Therefore, try to establish a good rapport with the team and allow them to effectively work. This will ultimately translate into better service and better upkeep of your solar energy system.

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