Detail Guide on Going solar in Pakistan

6 October
In Pakistan, where solar energy is fast catching up as a replacement for an unreliable grid and for bringing down sky high energy tariffs, a lot of people have started to recognize the potential solar energy has. As such, interest is sky-high and people are more and more geared towards anything that provides energy reliability, primarily solar energy. So, going solar in Pakistan has its own set of challenges; mainly looking out for companies that aren’t what they claim to be, and are really not the sort of solar companion you want, especially when you factor in the price and the fact that it takes some time for the solar RoI to kick in.

So, aside from understanding the things to keep in mind when going solar in Pakistan, we will also look at which solar energy system is best for home in Pakistan and in general the best solar energy system in Pakistan. Going with a company like Beacon Energy will ensure that you always get the best; so, let’s start with what you should keep in mind when going for solar energy systems in Pakistan.

Going solar in Pakistan: the factors to look for

When going solar in Pakistan, what kind of things should you avoid and what kind of things should you look for? This is what we will discuss today: the factors that can make a difference when it comes to you going solar. Let’s start.

  • i. Selecting a good solar company
  • The most important part of going solar in Pakistan is to look for a good company that will get you the best possible solar energy equipment, install it flawlessly and provide you with aftersales services that ensure that your system is always running as efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, the number of best solar companies in Pakistan is quite low, but there are companies that will go above and beyond with you when you want to go solar; Beacon Energy is the prime example of it. By selecting a good company, you will have complete confidence in the solar energy system and its ability to provide your home with uninterrupted power supply, and that company will make sure that your system stays efficient for years to come.

  • ii. Solar feasibility
  • While solar energy is for everybody, before going solar, you should at least check your solar feasibility, which means ensuring that your energy requirements are satisfied fully with a solar energy system. In Pakistan however, solar is always feasible; because grid dependency and energy reliability aren’t all that prevalent, solar energy will give you both of them and will make sure that the problem that is raging right now, of high energy tariffs, does not affect you all that much. With solar feasibility in Pakistan, many best solar companies will calculate your load for you and will then suggest the best system that you should get.

  • iii. Ensure that solar equipment is warrantied
  • Many solar companies will provide you with solar energy equipment that is not warrantied; this is a sign that maybe you should go with a different company. Why? Solar energy equipment comes with excellent warranties; solar panels in Pakistan routinely come with warranties of more than a decade. Therefore, before going solar, you should always make sure that you are being provided with warranty on all equipment of the solar energy system. This will make your solar experience even better and should something go wrong, which usually doesn’t, you won’t end up with a big bill on your finances.

  • iv. Look for best support, aftersales service
  • Only the best solar energy companies will provide aftersales support and service, and this is an important aspect of owning a solar energy system. Because the system is constantly generating power during daytime, active monitoring of the system makes sure that the system is performing efficiently and is up to the standards of generation as promised. Beacon Energy and a few other solar companies provide this service in Pakistan, and exceptional services will give you the peace of mind with your system that will leave you relaxed and able to enjoy the benefits of solar to the maximum.

    The best solar energy system in Pakistan: INTRIX by Beacon Energy

    When it comes to the best solar energy system in Pakistan, no other system comes close: INTRIX from Beacon Energy blows everything else out of the water. That is because INTRIX is the flagship product of the best solar company in Pakistan, and utilizes smart AI for optimal energy generation and peak performance to make sure you always have power when you need it. It is the complete solar energy system designed for Pakistan and geared for efficiency and optimal performance all the way. Trust Beacon Energy’s INTRIX to keep you powered, no matter what happens.