The cost of installing solar energy system

cost of installing solar energy system and saving
12 May

Going solar has a lot of benefits. Solar energy helps offset your high energy bills and makes it feasible for you to run appliances during peak energy consumption hours. In the long run, solar energy saves you a lot of money. However, there’s one thing that sort of turns away potential solar winners: the initial cost associated with the installation of solar energy systems. While the solar panels and the associated infrastructure themselves might be expensive, it’s the installation costs that can help keep the overall price at a certain level. Which makes solar energy more feasible for the world. Today, we’ll be looking at solar energy system installation, and what is the true cost of getting an entire solar energy system installed for your home.

To understand the cost effectiveness of solar energy system installation, you have to first understand that the rule of thumb here is that your energy requirements will essentially govern how much you will end up paying for the installation. Obviously, getting a system with a singular solar panel installed is going to be cheaper than getting 10 of them installed, however, with different types of solar energy systems on the market and different solar energy system installation companies out there, you can be sure of a lot of price difference here.

Why such pricing for solar energy system installation?

The solar panels and the associated infrastructure like solar inverters and batteries themselves might be one of the more money-intensive products in the entire operation of going solar. Especially in Pakistan, where a lot of the associated material needs to be imported from vendors elsewhere, which could potentially drive up the price. Aside from the solar equipment themselves, the other parts of the infrastructure, like solar inverters, solar batteries and other accessories might cost relatively the same, but the solar panel installation is where finances can be controlled.

While pricing might seem like a negative factor to some, there’s a good deal of logic involved here. You see, you can skimp out on installation costs by hiring a shoddy solar energy system installation service, or forgo it altogether by doing it yourselves. However, there are a couple of reasons why you shouldn’t do that.

Let’s start with the obvious reason. Apart from the installation, the solar energy equipment is pretty expensive. The solar panels alone could set you back a good chunk of cash, provided you got the best quality panels out there. Once you’ve got those, it would be unfeasible to hand the panels over for installation to a team that doesn’t know the intricacies involved, or do it yourself and end up damaging those in more ways imaginable.

Getting the best solar equipment installation service is where the cost is

The cost is simply associated with quality. The better the work, the more you will have to pay for it, but then more efficiency is guaranteed at this stage. Solar energy systems routinely carry a very high return-on-investment (ROI); even with the installation costs included, your solar energy system will pay it back in savings over a couple of years. Installing your solar equipment through a company that’s not reputable might save you some money, but it wont be paying back in the savings anytime soon. On the flip side, there are accounts of hacks who have bungled up the installation process, leading to other complications for the solar energy system.

Therefore, saving a miniscule amount to ready your expensive solar equipment for energy generation might not be feasible decision at all. Think for yourself: would you be willing to risk a very expensive solar setup in the hands of unqualified teams just to save yourself a small amount of money?

Potential savings and solar energy system installation

With proper installation and an efficient runtime, the returns from your solar energy system in the form of savings that you incur or from net metering, works towards offsetting the initial cost that you spend on the solar energy setup. While installation is a small part of the cost, the overall return-on-investment hinges a lot on the installation factor, and how well has the solar energy system been installed. Because if the installation is shoddy, the solar energy system wont perform as advertised, and the efficiency factor will be down by a lot, thereby making this not a prudent investment.

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