15kW solar energy system price in Pakistan

15kW system
4 August

Pakistan is a unique country with consistently predictable energy requirements. As a growing country and an economy with a healthy mix of industry, agriculture and services, the energy needs are further accentuated with a booming population. As such, the grid, unfortunately has been an unreliable source of energy for the country because of poor maintenance, unequal consumption of energy and under-generation. Solar energy, therefore, poses as a viable alternative to Pakistan to work and alleviate its energy woes; and some of the best solar companies in Pakistan like Beacon Energy are actively working on introducing solar solutions, including 15kW solar energy systems.

Why 15kW? Well, for starters, the average Pakistani household does not have all that much of a need for constant solar energy, which could help explain why on-grid and hybrid solar energy systems are so popular in the country. Furthermore, in the cities and the metropolitans, the grid is sufficiently reliable (albeit for scheduled blackouts) that solar energy is used to complement the energy from the grid. 15kW solar energy systems, therefore, provide the perfect balance of both energy and affordability while ensuring that blackouts don’t mean that a household is entirely out of power for the duration.

Before getting into 15kW solar energy system price in Pakistan, we’ll look into some of the pros of investing in a 15kW solar energy system, and whether or not you should go for it and which company should you be looking at.

15kW solar energy systems in Pakistan

As stated before, 15kW solar energy systems are very popular in Pakistan, owing to the fact that they are more efficient in relation to the initial cost of the entire system. Furthermore, they perfectly compliment the requirements of the average household, and since the setup does not cost much, the initial cost stays down and is considered by many a gateway to solar energy that many people can afford. Many solar companies also offer additions to the existing solar energy system so you can increase your solar output later on.

15kW solar energy system in Pakistan.

With a 15kW solar energy system, an average system will generate more than 40 units of electricity, which is easily able to cover all the needs of an average household. The average cost of installation plus the equipment also stays down with the 15kW system, so, the return on investment is also very lucrative and means that you will be spending more and saving way more. More than that, the 15kW solar energy system also offers a lot of customization options and the option to increase your output later on by adding more solar panels in the system. With this, your output will be increased and the upfront costs wont be as considerable as getting a higher output system installed in the first place.

How much does 15kW solar system cost?

Different solar companies will quote differently; however, the average 15kW solar energy system price in Pakistan is going to be around PKR 2 million. This obviously varies with the quality of the equipment being used and how much installation costs. All in all, the savings potential is still enormous. Getting the best 15kW solar energy system in Pakistan Beacon Energy, one of the best solar energy companies in Pakistan, has a bevy of innovative and top-of-the-line solar energy solutions designed to cater to the needs of all consumers, be it commercial or residential. Their flagship product, INTRIX, also comes with a suite of applications that make it one of the most popular solar energy solutions in the country. As for the 15kW solar energy systems, Beacon Energy provides a range of solutions for the configuration while also allowing for the best quality of equipment to be used within the system, including panels and inverters from some of the world’s highest ranked manufacturers.